This is to inform all NOUN students that the following actions constitute Acts of Examination Malpractices and Misconduct:-

1. Bringing into the Examination Hall Electronic Devices such as Laptop computers, Mobile Handsets, etc.

2. Being in possession of the actual question paper and / or answer sheets of the Examinations to be written by the candidate, prior to the writing of the Examinations.

3. Copying directly from textbooks and/or other written materials during Examinations.

4. Discussing and sharing of points or ideas by two or more candidates during Examinations.

5. Impersonation, which is somebody, writing examination on behalf of a candidate.

6. Violent or unruly behavior of any sort in the examination Hall and its premises.

7. All students must be at the Exam Venue 30minutes before exam commences and 30minutes after the examination had already commenced.

8. Taking unused examination scripts out of the examination hall.

Therefore, any student caught engaging in any of the above mentioned acts of Examination Malpractice would be issued a malpractice form to fill immediately which would be forwarded to the appropriate quarters for necessary action.

Thank you.

Signed: Management

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