1. The _____ system calls returns the process 
identifier of a terminated child
ans: wait

2. A set of process is deadlock if?
Ans: each process is blocked and will remain so 

3. A process stack does not contain
ans: pid of child process

4. What is operating system
ans: all of the above

5. What is interprocess communication?
Ans: communication between two process

6.All process can be terminated due to?
Ans: all of the above

7.In operating system, each process has it own
ans: all of the option

8. In unix, which system call creates the new 
ans: fork

9.The system which allow only one process 
execution at a time are called
ans: uniprocessing systems

10. What is the ready state of a process
ans: when process is unable to run until some 
task has been completed

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