In a communique released to study centres, The management of National Open University of Nigeria disclose her new website for e-TMAS on GST courses. 
Visit this link:

Check guides to navigate the site **

NOTE: To login: 

 *USER NAME   (use your matric number e.g nou190000019 )  Lowercase or small letters* 

  *PASSWORD   (use your matric number e.g nou190000019 )  Lowercase or small letters* 

 "_After a successful login, you will be prompted to change your password_

A-enter your old password (i.e. your matric number)
B-enter your new password
C-confirm the new password
D-check to see that your email address, programme, study centre etc. have been entered correctly.If not, make the appropriate changes
E-click on save"

It was also stated that online facilitation will commence this semester on the following courses:

  ```ALL GST COURSES, ARA181, ARA183, ARA281,      ARA282,CRS313,CRS828,CRS316,CRS818,CRS215,CRS216,CRS819,CRS823,CIT445,              CIT753,CIT499,CIT799,CIT899,BIO191,BIO192,CHM191, CHM192,PHY191,PHY192,CHM292,PHY291,ENG121,ENG122,ENG226,ENG141,ENG221,ENG222,ENG341,ENG421,ENG491,ENG414,ENG351,ENG355,ENG432,FRE111, FRE111, FRE231, FRE212,FRE391, FRE331.
 *These platform is also open to online FACILITATION for the following departments* :
a) Criminology and Security Studies
b) Computer Science
c) Entreprenuership Studies
d) Mass Communication
e) Peace and Conflict Resolution

 ( ```These departments will be able to access summary POWER POINT slides their course materials in the online portal)``` 

 *The school management further assured more courses will be added in due time.*

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