NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: BUS818- Rewards and Compensation Management

Q21 Which one of the following is not an advantage of organizational chart?

It assists management to discipline their surbodinates better.

Q22 ______________ is not considered as basis for recruitment into an organization

Job evaluation

Q23 _____________ concerns the expected outcomes from the incumbent of a position

Job descripti on

Q24 For effective delegation, authority should go with:


Q25 Which of the following is not a function of the Board of Directors

Appointment of Junior office rs

Q26 Which one of the following is not an advantage of the tall structure

Loose supervi sion

Q27 Which of the following statement is not true?

A manager must not centralize authority

Q28 Which of the following is not a probable benefit of centralization of authority:


Q29 Which type of struture allows for close supervision of surbodinates?

Tall structure

Q30 The first layer of a typical business organization is _________

Board of director s

Q31 _______________ has the primary duty of presenting the organizational objectives to the board.

Managing Director

Q32 Who is responsible for issuing directives that set the organization going

Managing Director

Q33 One of the following statements is false:

Organizational charts and manual guarantee good managem ent of organization

Q34 Which of the following is not necessarily a condition for an appropiate span of control

The capacity and skill of the manager
The overall size of the organization
The ease of operation of machines
---None of the listed

Q35 __________ training is where an employee is put through specific duties and assignments by an older employee

On the Job

Q36 In an organizational chart what do the lines represent?


Q37 ___________ occupies the dual position of Board member and member of management

The Chief Executive

Q38 The policy making body of a business organization is ___________

The Board of Dir ectors

Q39 One of these is not an advantage of tall shaped structure

Low operating cost

Q40 Which function involves the granting of rights and approval from a superior souce to a subordinate to function within prescribed limits?


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