Proff Abdalla Adamu to link National Open Universities of Nigeria with Open Universities Around The World.

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During a press interview on the 18th of dec 2018 Proff Abdalla Adamu the VC of the National Open University of Nigeria has made it known to the public on his next agenda after accomplishing the NYSC  and LAW school participation of the institution. he said his next target will be linking the University with its international counterpart , this means a Student of the National Open University of Nigeria can take a Transfer to any Open university worldwide and continue with his or her studies over there, in his voice, this wouldn’t be an easy task judging from the low standard of education in Nigeria as a country compared to the other countries and its open Universities, he also assured he will do everything withing his power to make sure National Open university of Nigeria meets the standard of its counterparts worldwide so as to easily achieve his linking goals.

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