NOUN:Guidelines on how to Re-print Admission Letter

Sometimes you might be needing your admission letter, maybe for to apply for other online applicable platform. e.g scholarship award, and other Beneficiary online submission application platform.
So it’s Good to have your admission letter in a PDF format for easier processes.
Here are Guidelines on how to Re-print Admission Letter
Firstly visit
Click on apply for admission
Click on for an undergraduate programme
It’s will open to another new page
Click on Re-prints
At the stage, you will have to select your year of admission e.g 2017/2 2018/1
Click on Re-print 2017/2 undergraduate admission letter
As its takes you to another new page
Where you have to fill in your details
Enter RRR
Enter Unique ID
Then click on submit
After clicking in submission a new page will come up, just click and download your admission letter in PDF format directly to smartphone files manager.
From there you locate the file and print it’s out.
If you find this guidelines helpful, leave your comments..

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