NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: PHS404 - Occupational Health & Safety

Social and economic development can only be sustained if there is a ________ employer. _ Answer: Healthy

The major hazards associated with mining is __________. _ Answer: Radiation

One of the notifiable occupational diseases is ________. _ Answer: Lead poison

Introduction of occupational health is directly related to absenteeism from work. _ Answer: I agree

Education of workers is very important in the area of job _________ in their respective jobs. _ Answer: Hazards

The relationship between the ________ phase is the working population. _ Answer: Social and economic

The worker's health is affected by ___________. _ Answer: A and B

The major components of radiation are ________ and _______. _ Answer: Radioactive rocks and silicosis

________ types of poisoining encountered by workers in industries. _ Answer: All of the above

One of the ways the wealth of an industry is achieved is through _________ staff. _ Answer: Healthy

In some industries, medicare was not provided equally to all the staff. _ Answer: I agree

During the British colonial era, many of their soldiers died of _________ sickness. _ Answer: Malaria

The International Labour Organization (ILO) is a tripeptide body made up of representatives from __________. _ Answer: All of the options

The International Programme for the Improvement of Working Conditions and Environment emphasises a ________ approach . _ Answer: Multidisciplinary

________ practice is comprehensive. _ Answer: Occupational health

The major goal for occupational health is to promote and maintain the highest level of Physical and ________ health of all workers. _ Answer: All of the options

Health hazards interact with numerous _______ and social factors in the worker's environment to aggravate their effects on health. _ Answer: All of the options

Examples of zoonotic diseases include _________. _ Answer: All of the options

Parasitic diseases transmitted due to contact with polluted water in farm lands and poor sanitary conditions of agricultural environment include ________. _ Answer: 
All of the options

Types of occupational health problems common among different occupations include_______. _ Answer: All of the options

Lung diseases in workers occur ______ over time. _ Answer: Gradually

Occupational health disease can be defined as a _______ disease _ Answer: Compensable

The classification of occupational diseases is based _________. _ Answer: Target organs

In occupational health, prevention is important because work-related illnesses are sometimes _______. _ Answer: Irreversible

The illness from asbestos exposure is called __________. _ Answer: Mesothelioma

Sources of industrial poisons include __________. _ Answer: All of above

________ are clinical features of lead poisoning. _ Answer: All of above

Encephalopathy results from exposure to organic _________ compounds. _ Answer: Lead

Environmental hazard is a generic term which includes _________. _ Answer: Pollution and natural hazards

Poverty, cultural beliefs/practices and Lifestyle are examples of _______ hazards. _ Answer: Socio- cultural/psychosocial

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