NOUN TMA Questions and Answers: MKT303 Consumer Behaviour

Q1 ____________ is not one of the situational factors which affect consumers either consciously or unconsciously when making attempt to purchase a product or brand.

Produ ct knowledge

Q2 When a thirsty consumer sees an advert for coca cola drink, the advert is referred to as _______ in behavioural learning process.


Q3 __________ are the target market for home improvement centers, automobile parts stores and personal hygiene products

The middle classe s

Q4 ____________ are the most important consumer buying organization in any society.

Primary reference g roup

Q5 A product which a consumer either does not know about or knows about but does not consider buying under normal conditions is called_____________

Unsought product

Q6 ______________ is not one of the psychographic characteristics of consumers.


Q7 In a consumer product market for durable goods, ____________is required because the customers lack loyalty for the brand and tend to quickly shift from one brand to another

an aggressive strategy

Q8 _____________ buy goods and services when they are needed and not at any other time.

Need based co nsumers

Q9 _____________ is the one who pays to consume the goods and services produced by a seller.


Q10 ___________ is the easiest form of social media to keep in touch with friends, family, acquaintances and for marketers to promote their products and services and keep in touch with a network of customers

Faceboo k

Q11 ____________ is a method that enables Marketers develop and deliver more customized messages to increasingly smaller marketers on a regular basis


Q12 The Association for Consumer Research was founded in ______________


Q13 _______________ consist of a variety of disguised tests which are designed to tap the underlying motives of individuals despite their unconscious rationalization.

Projective Techniq ues

Q14 _____________ usually analyzes the responses received.

The moderator

Q15 Which of the following is not one of the most frequently used attitude scales

Nominal Scale

Q16 ______________ is not a qualitative research method

Survey research

Q17 Qualitative research findings tend to be somewhat subjective because_________

sample sizes are generally small

Q18 __________________ is not a research method used in quantitative research

Projective techniqu es

Q19 _______________involves the doubt or anxiety a consumer has after making a difficult or major purchase decision.

Post-Purchase d issonance

Q20 Which of the following costs may not be as a result of perceived risk by the consumer

Opportunity c ost

Q21 ____________ assumes that the consumer possesses enough expertise to determine which option maximizes their value, and therefore make their choices based on this

Rational choice theory

Q22 Brands that consumers have selected for consideration are known as the ___________

Evoked s et

Q23 Information generated by marketers and sales personnel is an example of 

External information

Q24 The use of surveys or focus groups in identifying problems consumers face during the performance of a particular activity is known as_______________

Activity analysis

Q25 Firms normally try to play down the problem recognition generated by their competitors, consumer groups or government agencies through ___________

Suppressing problem recognition

Q26 Consumers who because they like to stay up-to-date on what is happening in the marketplace, engage in what is referred to as__________

On 􀳦?? g oing search

Q27 ______________ is the process by which we survey the environment for appropriate data to make a reasonable decision

Information searc h

Q28 As a consumer􀳦??s _________________shifts, s/he make purchases to adapt to the new environment.

frame of re ference

Q29 Which of the following is not causes or sources of problem recognition

Dissatisfacti on

Q30 ________________ is the primary or the first step in consumer decision making.

problem recognition

Q31 Magazine and newspaper publishers recognize the impact of _________by charging more for advertisement on the front, back and inside covers of magazines than for the inside magazine pages

Order effects

Q32 ___________________occurs when a marketer stresses the benefits to be gained by using a specific product

Positive fram ing

Q33 ____________ is an essential component of a communication plan, which calls for the placement of advertisement in the specific media, read, viewed or heard by each targeted audience.

Media Strategy

Q34 A publication in The Guardian Newspapers may make much impact on the readers than a publication in P.M News, this is due to its ______________

Authoritative source

Q35 _____________is not one of the psychological factors which influence people to change their minds or comply with attitude.


Q36 __________________ is the attitudes develop towards products simply because they provide pleasure or pain.

Utilitarian function

Q37 Attitude that we form to protect us from external threats or internal feelings is

Ego- defensive function

Q38 ___________________ developed the functional theory of attitudes to explain how attitudes facilitate social behaviour

Daniel Katz

Q39 _____________ is a learned predisposition to behave in a consistently favourable or unfavourable way with respect to a given object.


Q40 Which of the following is not a barrier to communication

Q41 Which of the stages in communication process is credibility essential

Message initiator

Q42 Finger tapping, frown and facial expression are examples of _______________


Q43 A Message is verbal when it is _______________________


Q44 Which of the following medium is not classified as Mass Media _____________

Telepho ne

Q45 A conversation between a sales person and a customer can be regarded as 

Interperson al

Q46 Which of the following may not be regarded as an unintended audience who is exposed to message not meant for him/her by the sender_____________

targeted prospect

Q47 Which of the following is not an example of intermediary audiences ___________


Q48 __________________ is the initiator of the communication which can be either formal or an informal source


Q49 Which of the following are the essential components of communication

Sender, receiver, medium, message and feedback

Q50 There are _____________basic components of communication.


Q51 All of the following except _____________are not one of the universally accepted business ethical values

good, bad and wrong

Q52 Consumer Psychology can be described as ________________________

a discipline which studies how human􀳦??s thoughts, beliefs, feeling and perception influence the way they buy and relate to goods and services

Q53 Which of the following provide the basic reason why consumer satisfaction may be difficult to measure

Satisf action depends on and is relative to the level of aspiration or expectation

Q54 Brand switchers are consumers in the segmented variable who are_____________

not involved with the product category or with particular bra nds

Q55 Routine brand buyers are consumers in the segmented variable who are____________

not highly involved with the product category but are involved with a particular brand in that categ ory

Q56 Consumers who are segmented into Brand loyalists are those_____________

who are highly involved both with the product category and with particular brands

Q57 Consumers who are segmented into Information seekers are those ____________

that are highly involved with a product category but who do not have a pre ferred brand

Q58 An example of the high-involvement medium through which marketers may promote his/her product is__________________

the world wid e web

Q59 Which of the following is not true about low-involvement consumers

They are active information seekers

Q60 High involvement purchases mean____________________

Consumers are willing to expend greater levels of shopping effort

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