Notice To All Students On carryover/ missing result

🎱Carryover to me is a course you sat for the exam and you failed, that is having below 40 and seeing *F* as your grade, this affects your GP negatively and you will be required to re-write the exam when you pass it eventually the result in which you failed it will still reflect.
🎱On missing result, a student sit for this exam but the result did not reflect at all in the student result portal, this has no effect on the student GP and it also require a resit

🎱lastly is missed exam, this is when a student intentionally or unintentionally did not sit for an exam base on reasons best know to him/her, this also require a resit
For any of this three all you need to do is to register the course as exam alone with 1000 for undergraduate and 2000 for post graduate
You will also be required to do the TMA all over again.
New student admission is on you can refer prospective students to us for consultation and processing.

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