TMA Questions and Answers: ENG223- Advanced English Composition 1 (Contd.)

One of the following options is the adverbial in the sentence: 'The man was found in the garden' _ Answer: In the garden

One of the following options is the direct object in the sentence: 'The cook ate her own rice and beans' _ Answer: Rice and beans

One of the following options below is the subject complement in the sentence: 'The woman is an intelligent nurse' _ Answer: An intelligent nurse

One of the following sentences is grammatically correct _ Answer: He had bought the oranges before Sade came

He was told to donate a ___ of blood _ Answer: Pint

One of the following options is a complex sentence _ Answer: I met him when I travelled to London

In all, 50kg of rice ___ sold yesterday _ Answer: Was

50% of the research duration ___ spent on distribution of questionnaire _ Answer: Was

One of the following is the optional adverbial in the sentence: 'Uche angrily put the box in the car' _ Answer: Angrily

We may not be able to cook the rice because we have only ___ groundnut oil _ Answer: A little

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