2018_2 TMA Questions And Answers- PCR371- Third Party Intervention in Conflict Resolution(Contd)

One of the basic prerequisites of conflict transformation is________ _ Answer: adequate consultation and problem-solving mechanisms

The____________processes comprise semi-formal and informal criteria for conflict resolution. _ Answer: ADR

The ____ is central to John Rawls' analysis on social justice _ Answer: the principle of nepotism

The biological conflict theory is closely related to ______ _ Answer: physiological theory

_______ is an outcome of common sense notion of utility and equity _ Answer: Social justice

The idea of social justice in conflict resolution is related to the challenge of________________ _ Answer: neoliberalism

Which of these is considered the best political system for promoting justice and equity in plural societies? _ Answer: democracy

The Abuja Multi-doors courthouse domiciles in _ Answer: Nigeria

One of the advantages of non-adversarial method of conflict resolution is ____. _ Answer: affordability

The social contract as espoused by Locke, Rousseau and Kant is based on the principle of _____ _ Answer: equity and trust

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