2018_2 NOUN E-EXAMS DAY 18 -SATURDAY, DEC 15TH, 2018

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ACC204 Introduction To Financial Accounting II
MKT104 Retail Management
ENT202 Introduction To Entrepreneurship Ventures
EDU280 Agricultural Science Methods
ECE225 Meeting Special Needs In E.C.E
PED232 Aesthetic Expression In Primary Education
SED226 Industrial Processes/ Application
PED120 Principles Of Family Living
ACC101 Elements Of Book-Keeping I
MKT201 Element Of Marketing (Principles)
EDU252 Chemistry Methods
ECE227 Organization And Service Provision In E.C.E
SED214 History And Philosophyof Integrated Science
BED112 Word Processing
CRD204 Man And His Environment 
ENT208 Biographical Studies Of Entrepreneurial Thinkers And Giants
SED221 Biology For Integrated Science
SED123 Physics For Integrated Science
EDU233 General Teaching Methods
PED112 Reading In Early Childhood And Primary Education

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