2018_2 NOUN E-EXAMS DAY 14 -TUESDAY, DEC 11TH, 2018

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PAD202- Introduction To Public Administration 
ACC201- Taxation I
ENT102- The Nigerian Entrepreneurial Environment 
ECE120- Development Of Appropriate Skills In Children
SED225- Nigerian Integrated Science Curriculum 
PED233- Religious And Moral Education 
VTE115- Introduction To Vocational Education 
EDU222- French Methods 
EDU220- English Methods 
ECE230- Introduction To Early Childhood Education Curriculum D
CSS111- Introduction To Psychology     


ACC203- Introduction To Financial Accounting I
PAD112- Industrial And Organisational Psychology 
BED114- Business Methods
EDU212- Sociology Of Education 
PED114- Primary Mathematics Curriculum Methods 
ENT203- Introduction To Entrepreneurial Financing 
ESM222- Water Resource Evaluation 
JLS111- Introduction To Journalism  


MKT205- Entrepreneurial Marketing 
MKT108- Introduction To Marketing 
EDU111- Introduction To Foundations Of Education 
PED261- Primary School Social Studies Curriculum And Methods
EDU216- Micro Teaching (Special Teaching Methods & School Visi
INR112- Introduction To International Law And Diplomacy In Pre-Colon

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