2018-2 NOUN E-EXAMS DAY 12 - SATURDAY, DEC. 8TH,2018

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ESM221  Ecotourism
BIO217 General Microbiology
MTH282 Mathematical Methods II
CHM103 Introductory Physical Chemistry
ECO256 Mathematics For Economist II
CSS134 Geography Of Nigeria
INR132 Africa And The Western Powers
PCR261 Culture Values And Conflicts In War
POL214 Introduction To Political Analysis
BIO211 Coelomate Invertebrates
ESM238 Air Photo Interpretation
PHY207 Thermodynamics
MTH210 Introduction To Complex Analysis
PHY103 Geometric And Wave Optics
CSS242 Measurements And Patterns Of Crimes And Delinquency
MAC117 Writing For Mass Media I
POL123 Introduction To Public Administration
PCR271 Understanding Conflicts And War
TSM145 Geography Of Tourism
ECO232 Micro Economic Theory II
CIT102 Software Application Skill
CHM201 Physical Chemistry II
STT211 Probaility Distribution I
BIO220 Fisheries And Wildlife
PHY205 Introduction to Space Physics
ECO154 Introduction To Quantitative Method

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