2018-2 NOUN E-EXAMS DAY 11 - FRIDAY, DEC. 7TH,2018

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STT206  Statistics For Management Sciences II
PHY261 Geophysics I
DAM207 Indexing
BIO213 Chemistry Of Amino Acids And Proteins
MTH102 Elementary mathematics II
PCR276 Perception And Conflict
MAC116 African Communication Systems II
PCR114 Introduction To Conflict Resolution Processes Ii
MAC225 News Writing
ECO292 Environmental Economics
INR211 International Law And Diplomacy In The 19Th Century
BIO210 Seed Plants
CHM204 Structure And Bonding
ESM106 Environmental Resource Management
CIT143 Introductory To Data Organisation And Management 1
MTH232 Elementary Differential Equation I
INR122 Concepts In International Relations
CSS211 Sociology Of Crime And Delinquency
ECO122 Principles Of Economics II
INR261 International Environmental Politic
TSM241 Understanding Tourist And Hosts
MAC132 Principles Of Advertisement Sales P
ESM234 Soil Resources
BIO216 Chemistry Of Carbohydrates, Lipids And Nucleic Acids
DAM212 Database Laboratory
CIT211 Introduction To Operating Systems
PHY102 Electricity Magnetism And Modern Physics
POL231 Essentials Of International Relations
TSM243 Tourist Sites: Products
TSM144 Tourism Marketing
ECO231 Micro Economic Theory I
MAC223 Magazine And Feature Article Writing 
PCR113 Introduction To Peace Education

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