2018-2 NOUN E-EXAMS DAY 10 - THURSDAY, DEC. 6TH,2018

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ESM102 The Nigerian Environment
BIO207 Lower In Vertebrates
PHY208 Network Analysis And Devises
MTH213 Numerical Analysis I
CSS241 Basic Security And Security Threats
PCR111 Introduction To Peace Studies
ECO255 Mathematics For Economist I
INR231 South-South Cooperation
POL221 Nigerian Government And Politics
MAC246 Educational Broadcasting
CIT237 Programming & Algorithms
CIT204 Computer Appreciation And Application To Agriculture
BIO218 General Biochemistry Laboratory II
PHY201 Classical Mechanics I
ESM112 Introductory Ecology
MTH103 Elementary Mathematics III
MTH204 Mathematics For Nurses
CHM203 Organic Chemistry II
MAC232 Environmental Public Relations
POL121 Introduction To African Politics
INR242 Pre-Colonial African Diplomacy
TSM141 Understanding Tourism
PCR211 Education For Peace
ESM236 Environmental Microbiology
STT102 Introductiory Statistics
BIO212 Helminthology
PHY101 Elementary Mechanics Heat And Properties Of Matter
CIT292 Computer Laboratory I
CSS245 Security Planning Development And Organization
INR251 Evolution of the Contemporary International System
INR111 Introduction To International Studies
PCR274 Introduction To Conflict Transformation
ECO146 The Nigerian Economy In Perspective
CSS121 Introduction To Psychology

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