Here are the 7 study tips for getting the most out of the National Open University of Nigeria programmes.

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A study isn't just for the night before the Tutor-marked assignment's due or the night before an exam. Studying at the National Open University of Nigeria gives you the unique opportunity to study while you are engaged in work or other activities. It is therefore important for you to note that this new mode of learning requires a different approach to studying.

Excellent time management skills will be needed to keep up with the pace of work. 

It is necessary to study consistently, as it is easier to spread out work than to do so much within a short space of time, especially if you are engaged in an employment. 

You need to develop a weekly study plan – timetable. 

Review your work at the end of each week and modify your plan accordingly. 

Attempt all activities recommended in your course materials. 

Use memory enhancing aids (e.g. mnemonics, visualisation, revision, etc.). For self-help, form study groups with other NOUN students within your locality, as this helps spur you on to achieve your goals, as you will not want to  

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