GST 105 Questions and Answers

What is the English meaning of the Greek word, Philo?
Ans: Love
Who do we owe the practice of definition in scientific research?
Ans: Aristotle
What is the etymological meaning of the word, philosophy?
Ans: Love of wisdom
Which of these has its origin in Egypt?
Ans: Language
Who was regarded as the greatest physician of the ancient Egypt?
Ans: Imhotep
On what does the reputation of Hypatia rests on?
Anss: Her being the first female philosopher
Who championed the division of the circle into 360 degrees?
Ans: Babylonians
Who regarded water as the source of all things?
Ans: Thales
Who theorised that the universe is composed of numbers?
Ans: Pythgoras
Who is known as the world’s first philosopher?
Ans: Ptah-Hotep


All living things are composed of what?
Ans: cells

Which of these first made use of language?
Ans: Homo Habilis

What is the name given to the belief that man descended from the apes?

Ans: Evolutionism

On what do scientists who try to prove the theory of evolution rely?

Ans: Gene Mutation

Which of these is not a characteristic of scientific knowledge?
Ans: Relativity

What do we regard as the first hominids?
Ans: The Southern apes

What is another name for inductive logic?
Ans: Baconic Logic

What is regarded as the most important discovery of the stone age?
Ans: Discovery of Fire

Which of the following is not a branch of philosophy?

Ans: Science

Where do current evolutionists regard as the birthplace of man and primates?

Ans: Africa