Exam Timetable:2018-2 NOUN POP DAY 2 EXAMS- SATURDAY, NOV 3RD,2018


PPL343 Family Law I
PUL242 Human Rights Law II
PUL443 Administrative Law I
CRS711 Biblical Hermeneutics
CRS815 Prophetic Books And Wisdom Literature
ENG362 English Drama
ISL312 Exegesis Of The Quran
ISL415 Advanced Studies On The Qur_An
BIO306 General Physiology II
BIO405 Hydrobiology
CHM306 Instrumental Methods Of Analysis
CIT353 Introduction To Human-Computer Interaction
CIT756 Operations Research
CIT834 Object-Oriented Programming Using C#
ESM301 Introduction To Peace And Conflict Resolution
MTH303 Vector And Tensor Analysis
PHY301 Classical Mechanics II
PHY401 Elementary Particle Physics
CSS351 Prisons And Correction Of Offenders In Nigeria
ECO348 Development Economics II
ECO452 Applied Statistics
INR322 Strategic Studies In The 20Th Century
JLS813 Media & Society
PCR312 Peace Research Methods
POL311 Contemporary Political Analysis

CRS302 Messianism
FRE331 Advanced Studies In French Phonetics
TRS425 Tour And Guide Operaions
CHM413 Analytical Chemistry II
CIT427 Database Systems And Management
CIT754 Digital Communication
DAM344 Semantic Data Modelling
ESM431 Environmental Health And Safety
MTH411 Measure Theory And Integration
CSS746 Legal And Social Framework Of Private Security In Nig.
JLS721 News Reporting/Writing
MAC314 Issues In Mass Media In Nigeria
MAC442 Advanced Broadcast News/Programme P
PCR415 The Nature Of Global Terrorism
PCR817 Theories Of Peace Education And Con
TSM441 Strategic Managementin Hospitality And Tourism

PPL324 Law Of Torts II
PPL517 Alternative Dispute Resolution I
PUL444 Administrative Law II
CRS702 Common Themes In Christianity And Islam
CRS878 Feminist Theology
ENG355 Introduction To Sociolinguistics
ISL330 Advanced Study Of Sawm And Hajj
ISL435 Textual Studies Of Hadith
BIO311 Mycology
BIO411 Parasitology
CIT342 Formal Languages And Automata Theory
CIT734 Object-Oriented Technology
CIT811 User Interface Design And Ergonomics
ESM308 Rural Development Strategies
MTH301 Functional Analysis I
PHY304 Electrodynamics I
PHY452 X-Ray Crystallography
CSS354 Special Categories Of Offenders
ECO311 Research Methodology
ECO444 Money And Banking
INR302 International Relations And The Med
JLS823 News Reporting/Writing
PCR372 Introduction To Early Warning Mecha
POL315 Theory And Practice Of Marxism
TSM347 Commercial Recreation Management

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