JIL532 Maritime Law II
JIL112 Legal Methods II
CLL331 Commercial Transaction I
PUL322 Environmental Law II
ARA383 Translation: English/Arabic
CLL533 Company Law And Business Association I
PUL446 Law Of Evidence II
CRS491 African Traditional Religion And Culture
PPL422 Land Law II
CRS316 Hebrew Syntax
FRE391 Introduction To Translation
PUL244 Constitutional Law II
CRS771 Research Methods
ISL438 Al-M?R?Th : Islamic Law Of Succession
CRS323 Old Testament Theology
CRS849 The Rise And Growth Of Western Christianity In Africa TRS420 Safety Issues And World Conflict Centres/Situations
CRS714 Critical Introduction To New Theology
ENG312 Creative Writing III
BIO404 Systematic Biology
CRS814 Biblical Criticisms
ENG417 Post-Colonial African Literature
DAM363 Economic Statistics
ENG311 Research Methods
ISL372 Islam In Nigeria
ESM306 Environmental Politics
ENG416 Creative Writing Iii
BIO307 Evolution
ESM311 Noise And Air Pollution
ISL304 Islamic Studies And Orientalism
CHM314 Environmental Chemistry
STT311 Probability Distribution II
BIO313 Animal Ecology
CHM423 Coordination Chemistry

CSS791 Emergency Riot And Disaster Control Management
CHM316 Industrial Chemical Technology I
CIT381 File Processing And Management
JLS843 Elements Of Multimedia: Policy & Te
CHM426 Chemistry Of Lanthanides & Actinides
CIT412 Computer Modelling & Simulation
PCR772 Concept And Practice Of Peace Build
CIT383 Introduction To Object Oriented Programming
CIT723 Operating System Design And Programming
POL322 Comparative Federalism
CIT463 Introduction To Multimedia Technology
CIT843 Introduction To Database Management Systems
CIT726 Computers In Society
MTH305 Complex Analysis II
CIT832 Operating Systems Concepts And Networking Management
PHY391 Physics Laboratory II
MTH302 Elementary Differential Equation II
PHY457 Environmental Physics
PHY313 Mathematical Methods For Physics I
CSS352 Theory Of Crime And Crime Control
PHY451 Ionospheric Physics
CSS442 Professional Ethics In Law Enforcement & Security Management
CSS361 Juvenile Institutions And Juvenile Corrections In Nigeria
ECO356 Introduction To Econometrics II
CSS441 Technical/Electronics Aspects Of Security
ECO441 Economic Planning I

ECO449 Health Economics
INR361 Religion Ethnicity And Nationalism INR331 International Law
JLS713 Media And Society
MAC334 International Public Relation
MAC424 International Advertising And Propa
MAC425 Public Relations Practice
PCR373 Demobilization, Disarmament And Reintegration
PCR331 History Of Conflicts In Nigeria
PCR873 Arms Control And Demilitarisation
PCR813 Peace And Security In A Global Cont
POL452 International Law & Organization
TSM310 Field Trip (Practical)

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