POL317 Public Policy Analysis

PPL344 Family Law II
PPL522 Legal Drafting And Conveyancing Law II
CLL432 Law Of Banking And Insurance II
PPL421 Land Law I
PUL243 Constitutional Law I JIL111 Legal Methods I
CRS423 Comparative Ethics In A Pluralistic Society
CRS825 Religion And Social Change In Africa
CRS321 God And Revelation
CRS820 Current Trends In Old Testament Scholarship
ENG491 Psycholinguistics
CRS472 Conflict Management
ENG381 The English Novel
FRE392 Advanced Studies In Translation (Theme Et Version)
CRS792 Theology Of African Traditional Religion (Atr)
ISL339 Islamic Family Law
ISL439 Al-Hud?D: Penal System Of The Shar?_Ah
CRS841 Christianity And Colonialism In Nigeria
BIO304 General Ecology
DAM361 Business Communication & Network
ENG313 Black Diaspora Literature: African-American
BIO410 Fisheries & Aquaculture
MTH417 Electromagnetic Theory
FRE422 Advanced Studies In French Language Structure IV
CHM307 Atomic And Molecular Structure And Symmetry
CSS342 Safety Management For Loss Prevention
ISL343 Introduction To Islamic Theology
CHM422 Natural Products Chemistry II
MAC416 Sociology Of Mass Communication
BIO308 Biogeography
CIT309 Computer Architecture
POL441 Development Administration
BIO412 Wildlife Ecology And Conservation
CIT411 Microcomputers & Microprocessors
TSM348 Hospitality And Tourism Management
CHM391 Practical Chemistry V- Inorganic And Analytica
POL317 Public Policy Analysis
CIT708 Concepts And Application Of E-Business
CHM424 Non Aqueous Solvents
CIT891 Advanced Multimedia Technology
CIT333 Software Engineering I
ESM342 Environmental Impact Assessment And Auditing
CIT771 Computer Graphics And Animation
MTH341 Real Analysis
CIT852 Data Communication And Networks
PHY306 Optics II
DAM463 Health Data Management
PHY402 Nuclear Physics
ESM345 Applied Climatology
CSS491 Emergency Riot And Disaster Control Management
MTH307 Numerical Analysis II
CSS753 Research Methods In Criminology
PHY302 Modern Physics II
ECO324 History Of Economic Thought
PHY403 Electrodynamics III
ECO454 Advanced Econometrics II
CSS461 Criminology I
POL317 Public Policy Analysis
INR332 War And Peace In West Africa Since 1960
CSS744 Security Planning Development And Organization
INR412 Foreign Policies Of Great Powers
ECO355 Introduction To Econometrics
JLS826 Speech Writing
ECO440 Taxation And Fiscal Policy
PCR711 Introduction To Peace Studies
INR372 Regional Integration And Institutio
PCR811 Theories In Conflict Management
JLS822 Publication Layout And Design
TSM444 Global Tourism Issues
MAC313 Critical Writing And Reviewing
POL317 Public Policy Analysis

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