CLL203 Co-Operative Legislation
ARA381 Intn To Arabic Morphology
PPL521 Legal Drafting And Conveyancing Law I
CLL332 Commercial Transaction II
CRS324 New Testament Theology
PUL321 Environmental Law I
JIL511 Principles Of Public International Law I
CRS441 West African Church History
PUL445 Law Of Evidence I
PUL303 Environmental Laws And Policies
CRS704 Religious Dialogue
CRS817 Gospels
PUL412 Oil And Gas II
ENG415 Literary Theory And Criticism
ENG316 Communication For Business
CRS821 African Traditional Religious Mytho
FRE381 Advanced Studies In French Lit In The 17Th Century FRE482 20Th Century French Literature
ENG321 Contemporary English Usage
BIO318 Immunology And Immunochemistry
ISL361 Islamic Philosophy
FRE421 Advanced Studies In French Language Structure III
CIT465 Network Administration
ISL451 Major Sufi Orders In Africa
ISL302 Research Methods
CIT722 Computer Networks
CHM421 Heterocyclic Chemistry
ISL474 Islamic Historiography
DAM301 Data Mining And Data Warehousing
CIT351 C# Programming
CHM414 Photochemistry And Pericyclic Reactions
ESM426 Biogeography
CIT758 Wireless Communication II
CIT305 Networking And Communication Technology
MTH308 Introduction To Mathematical Modelling
CIT851 Advanced Systems Analysis And Design
CIT735 Application Software Design And Multimedia
MTH423 Integral Equation
PHY361 Geophysics II
CIT841 Advanced Information Storage And Retrieval
CSS356 Traditional And Informal Mechanisms Of Crime
PHY461 Geophysics III
PHY307 Solid State Physics I
CSS455 Forensic Science
ECO332 Managerial Economics
PHY456 Nuclear Reactor Physics
CSS745 Types And Analysis Of Security Threats
ECO442 Advanced Macro Economics
ECO344 Introduction To International
Econo JLS742 Fundamentals Of Broadcasting
INR341 Asia In World Politics
ECO447 Public Sector Economics
JLS815 Advanced Theories In Mass Communica
MAC341 Developmental Communication & Broad
INR311 Introduction To Strategic Studies
PCR311 Philosophies And Great Personalitie
MAC423 Book Publishing And The Law
MAC311 International Communication And Wor
PCR716 Research Methods In Peace Studies &
PCR872 Research Methods In Peace And Confl
MAC413 Data Analysis In Mass Communication
TSM305 Tourism Sales & Marketing
POL341 Public Administration In Nigeria
PCR851 Environmental Security And Conflict
POL312 Logic And Methods Of Political Inqu

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