CLL231 Labour Law 1
JIL471 Legal Research Methodology I
JIL516 Jurisprudence And Legal Theory II
PPL323 Law Of Torts I
CRS311 Gospel Of John
CRS713 Critical Introduction To Old Testament
CRS813 Pauline Epistles
ENG331 Introduction To Semantics
ENG421 New Trends In Syntax
FRE472 Francophone Literature (Pre And Post-Independence Poet
ISL313 Introduction To World Religions
ISL437 Shar?_Ah In Modern Time
BIO413 Developmental Biology
CHM309 Organic Spectroscopy
CHM406 Nuclear And Radiochemistry
CIT303 Principles Of Communication Technology
CIT484 Website Design And Programming
CIT752 Operating System Concepts
ESM392 Remote Sensing
ESM411 Population Environment And Development
PHY314 Numerical Computations
PHY405 Electronics III
CSS341 Policy and Law Enforcement in Nigeria
CSS747 Technical/ Electronic Aspects Of Security
INR481 International Economic Relations
JLS724 Feature Writing
MAC322 Editorial Writing

CRS832 New Religious Movements In Africa
BIO301 Genetic II
DAM364 Management Information Systems (Mis)
DAM461 Statistical Database Systems
MTH412 Functional Analysis II
CSS462 Criminology II
ECO329 Project Evaluation
ECO448 Economic Planning II
INR321 Foreign Policy Analysis
JLS812 Media Law And Ethics
MAC427 Economics & Social Issues In Advert
PCR424 Governance International Law And Fu
PCR771 Third Party Intervention In Conflic
PCR812 Political Economy Of Peace-Buildin
POL301 Research Methods In Political Science
POL432 Government & Administration Of Urban System

PUL337 Public Administrative Law
PUL411 Oil And Gas Law I
CRS314 Inter-Testamental Literature
CRS732 Christian Ethics In Contemporary Nigerian Society
CRS828 Further Hebrew
ENG352 Discourse Analysis
ENG414 Speech Writing
FRE423 Linguistics Applied To The Teaching Of French
ISL332 Al-Mu_?Mal?T In The Shariah
ISL412 Tafsir: Exegesis Of Selected Passages Of The Qur_?N On
BIO415 Virology And Tissue Culture
CHM305 Organic Chemistry III
CHM451 Fats And Oils (Been Developed)
CIT311 Computer Networks
CIT432 Software Engineering II
CIT755 Wireless Communication I
ESM317 Land And Water Pollution
ESM424 Fresh Water Ecology
PHY309 Quantum Mechanics I
PHY404 Electrodynamics II
CSS381 Domestic Violence
CSS742 Policing And Law Enforcement In Nig
INR431 International Relations of Francophone West African
JLS711 Introduction To Journalism
MAC312 Newspaper Production

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