2018-2 NOUN POP DAY 18 EXAMS- THURSDAY, NOV 22nd,2018

AEM701 Agric Extension Education
AEM505 Administration And Programme Planning In Extension
AEM411 Social Relationship And Behavioural Change
ARD302 Extension Teaching Learning Process And Methods
AGB404 Bio Resources Managemment
AEM732 Women And Youth In Rural Development Programmme
HCM304 Food & Beverage Production Iv
ANP312 Introduction To Genetics And Breeding
HCM349 Introduction To Airline Management
HCM433 Management & Organizational Behaviour
CPT514 Produce/Post-Harvest Management
HCM439 Hotel Planning And Interior Design
HEM704 Basic Anatomy And Physiology Of Hum
CRP309 Arable Crop Production
HEM705 Human Behaviour In Illness
NSC316 Public-Community Health Nursing I
NSC306 Medical Surgical Nursing III
NSS410 Management In Nursing
NSS327 Community Health Nursing
PHS322 Community Mobilization And Particip
NSS504 Medical And Surgical Nursing IV
PHS404 Occupational Health & Safety
PHS511 Applied Epidemiology (Communicable
ECE422 The School Environment And The Child
EDA844 Educational Statistics For Education Managers
EDU766 Political Science Methods
EDA821 Human Resources Management In Education
EDU716 Sociology Of Education
SED312 The Earth And The Universe
EDU714 History Of Education In Nigeria
EDU780 Agricultural Science Methods
SED832 Curriculum Development In Science Education
ACC306 Cost Accounting
EDU808 Mathematics Curriculum & Instruction In Sec. Schools 
ACC405 Accounting & Auditing For Cooperati
ACC757 Principles Of Accounting
EGC802 Counselling Theories
ENT308 Family Business And Success Planning
ENT407 Entrepreneurial Development
BFN303 Financial Management
ENT893 Entrepreneurship
MBA804 Business And Company Law
BFN421 Risk Management And Insurance
FMS718 Macro Economics Theory
PAD408 Development Planning
ENT410 Corporate Development: Mergers And Acquisitions
MBA814 Introduction To General Management
MBA831 Organizational Behaviour And Theory
MKT303 Consumer Behaviour
MKT827 Product Planning And Development
MPA843 E-Governance In The Public Sector
PAD813 Quantitative Methods For Public Adm
PAD306 Ecology Of Public Administration
PAD707 Local Government Administration

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