AEA302 Agricultural Finance
ACP305 Principles Of Crop Protection
AEM508 Technological And Social Change In Agriculture
AEM511 Leadership And Rural Development
AEM303 Agrarian Institutions And Their Management
AEM711 Agriculture Extension Administration & Supervision
AEM738 Rural Development And Leadership
AGM314 Introduction To Farm Mechanisation
CRP313 Permanent Crop Production
HCM347 Commercial Recreation Management
AGR305 Analytical Techniques For Animal Production I HEM703 Disease Illness And Society
HEM701 Basic Of Family Education
ANP301 Introduction To Non-Ruminant Animal Mgt
NSS316 Concise Behavioural Science For Nurses
NSS303 Human Behaviour In Health And Illness
HCM441 Strategic Management In Hospitality And Tourism PHS311 Child Health
NSC301 Human Behaviour In Health And Illness
NSC312 Maternal And Child Health Nursing II
PHS505 Community Mental Health
BED313 Office Information Technology
NSS403 Medical Surgical Nursing III
EDA812 Practicum In Educational Management
ECE313 Theories And Practice Of Early Childhood Education PHS401 Community Reproductive And Adolesce
EDU726 Measurement And Evaluation
EDA825 Managerial Psychology
EDT812 Management Of Educational Resources Centres SED323 Physics For Integrated Science
EDU732 Introduction To Educational Technology
EDU314 Comparative Education
ACC419 Advanced Financial Accounting
PED430 Design And Production Of Learning Materials For Primar EDU722 French Methods
BFN310 Micro-Credit Policies & Instititutions
SED422 Integrated Science Curriculum Design And Implementatio
EGC817 Abnormal Psychology
BUS722 Business Statistics
VTE414 Vocational Guidance
BFN732 Business Finance BUS809 Human Resources Management (Hrm)
CRD413 Agricultural Cooperative
BFN805 Corporate Finance
ENT302 Feasibilities And Business Planning
FMS825 Research Methodology
BUS427 Business Policy And Strategy I
MBA824 Managerial Economics
MBA821 Personnel Staff Evaluation
CRD326 Cooperative Education
MKT306 Distribution And Sales Management
MPA807 Development Administration Theory
MKT403 Marketing Research
MPA810 Public Policy Analysis
PAD444 Nigerian Local Government Administrator
MBF833 Money And Banking
MKT829 Pricing Policies
PAD371 Public Personnel Administration
PAD710 Public Policy Analysis
PAD812 Intergovernmental Relations(Igr)

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