AEM502 Extension Organization Management And Supervision
AEC308 Principles Of Farm Management
AEM507 Management Of Agricultural Extension Personnel
AEM719 Extension Method And Communication
ARD304 Communication Audio Visual Techniques
AEM713 Tree Crop Production
AGR309 Agro-Climatology And Biogeography
NSS412 Health Economics
ANP314 Environment And Animal Production
CRP306 Principle Of Irrigation And Drainage
PHS422 Clinical Skills I &Ii
HCM432 Hospitality Information Systems
HCM403 Cultural Tourism
EDT831 Instrctional Media Design And Production
SLM310 Watershed Hydrology
HEM717 Economics Of Hiv/Aids
EDU754 Integrated Science Methods
HEM742 Global Initiatives On Hiv/Aids
NSC314 Mental Health And Psychiatric Nursing I
EDU782 Business Education Methods
EDA831 Project Management In Education
NSS306 Environmental Health
PED422 Behaviour Problems And The Primary School Child
EDU752 Chemistry Methods
PHS312 Oral Health Care
SED324 School Science Laboratory
EDU822 Advanced Psychology Of Learning
EDU421 Fundamentals Of Guidance And Counselling
ACC311 Financial Accounting
EGC806 Organization And Administration Of G & C
EDU733 General Teaching Methods
BFN737 Micro & Small Business Financing
PED342 Methods Of Teaching Creative Arts In Early Childhood A
EDU823 Educational Research Methods
BUS317 Production Management
SED413 Science Tchnology And Society
EGC812 Behaviour Modification
BUS720 Human Resources Management
ACC426 International Accounting
BFN306 Comparative Banking
CRD403 Comparative Cooperatives
BUS403 Group Dynamics
CRD307 Producer Cooperative
ENT409 Rethinking Traditional Occupation
BUS810 Comparative Management
BUS406 Analysis For Business Decisions
PAD328 Community Development & Social Chan
CRD303 Rural Finance
BUS804 Strategy And Structure
MBA835 Managerial Problem Solving
MBA851 Project Evaluation
PAD402 Social And Welfare Administration I
MPA870 Local Government Administration
PAD771 Public Personnel Administration
PAD756 Project Analysis And Implementation
PAD855 Performance Measurement And Management 

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