PAD810 Public Policy Analysis

AEM723 Non-Ruminant Animals
AEM450 Agricultural Finance & Marketing
AEA308 Principles Of Farm Management
ANP309 Analytical Technique For Animal Production II
AEM512 Rural Youth Programmes In Agricultural Extension
AEM736 Extension Organization And Management
ARD308 Principles Of Cooperative Practices
EHS315 International Health Services
AGR307 Environmental Impact Assessment
HCM313 Restaurant Entrepreneurship
NSS401 Mental Health And Psychiatry Nursing I
ANP306 Animal Physiology Reproduction And Growth
HEM702 Basics Of Hiv/Aids
PHS421 Research Methods In Public Health
HCM345 Wine & Food Pairing Principles
NSC305 Medical Surgical Nursing I
PHS507 Outreach And Mobile Health Services
HCM444 Global Tourism Issues
NSS323 Maternal And Child Health I
EDT830 Multimedia Tech In Teaching And Learning
HEM745 Management And Care Of Hiv/Aids
NSS511 Gerontological Nursing
EDA855 Responsibility And Accountabilitymanagement In Educa NSS305 Epidemiology
EDA811 Concepts And Theories Of Educational Administration An
EDU321 Psychology Of Learning
PHS303 Introduction To Clinical Laboratory
EDU712 Professionalism In Teaching
EDU426 Special Education
ECE413 Comparative Early Childhood Education
EGC804 Techniques Of Counselling
PAD810 Public Policy Analysis
EDU762 Economics Methods
EDA833 Monitoring/Evaluation In Education Management
PED351 Adult Basic Education
PED433 Children Literature
EDU718 Philosophy Of Education
SED329 Integrated Science Workshop
SED835 Laboratory Design And Management
EDU815 Instructional Techniques And Methods In School Maths C
BUS802 Economic Theory
BFN411 Public Financial Management
EGC803 Developmental Psychology
ENT411 Strategic Thinking And Problem Solving And Negotiation
BUS727 Organisational Behaviour
BFN740 Regulations Of Financial Institutions
FMS719 Micro Economics Theory I
CRD322 Cooperative Field Administration
BUS401 Management Information System
MBA820 Corporate Management Strategy
MBF839 Quantitative Techniques For Banking
PAD810 Public Policy Analysis
BUS818 Rewards And Compensation Management
MKT859 Industrial Marketing
PAD410 Globalization & Natural Policies
ENT306 Measuring Organizational Success
PAD302 Traditional Administrative System I
PAD743 Administrative Law
MBA823 Organizational Design
PAD807 Public Development Administration T
MPA844 Public Administration Law
MKT833 Advertising Management
PAD844 Public Administrative Law
MPA858 Development Planning, Project Prepa
PAD308 Nigerian Government And Politics
PAD810 Public Policy Analysis

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