AEM501 Statistics And Research Methods In Extension
PHS308 Health Management I & II
AEA303 Agricultural Production Economics
AEM716 Agric Marketing And Corporatives
PHS509 Geriatrics, Gerontology And Care Of
AEM510 Psychology For Extension Personnel
ANP302 Intro To Ruminant Animal Production
EDT832 Preparation Utilization & Integration Of Curriculum A
AEM741 Rural Sociology
CRP303 Principles Of Crop Production
EDU750 Biology Methods
ANP313 Poultry Production
HCM305 Tourism Sales And Marketing
PED320 Family Education
HCM348 Hospitality & Tourism Management
HCM434 Lodging Facilities Management
PED421 Developmental Guidance In Primary Education
SLM303 Introduction To Pedology And Soil Physics
HEM712 Legal And Ethical Issues In Hiv/Aid
SED811 Foundations Of Science Education
HEM710 Health System Management
NSS321 Medical Surgical Nursing I
ACC418 Public Sector Accounting And Finance
NSS320 Nursing Ethics And Jurisprudence
NSS407 Research Methods In Nursing
BFN302 Monetary Theory & Policy
EDA834 Budgeting And Financial Management In Education
NSS508 Occupational Health
BFN715 Principles Of Finance
EDU721 Psychology Of Learning
EDA852 Politics Of Education
BUS726 Global Economics Environment
EGC815 Sex And Family Counselling
EDU336 Teaching Practice Evaluation And Feedback/Remediation
CRD430 Cooperatives Extension
SED314 African Cosmology In Integration In Science
EDU723 Basic Research Method In Education
BUS815 Management Information System
BUS325 Human Resources Management
EGC814 Practicum And Directed Field Exposure
ENT307 Natural Resources Management
BUS835 International Business Management
BUS322 Organisational Behaviour
MBA815 Management Information System
ENT401 E- Business
BUS831 Organizational Theory And Behaviour
PAD330 Workshop In Public Administration
FMS731 Research Methodology
ENT408 Entrepreneurship And Gender Issues
PAD411 Health Administration In Nigeria
MBF805 Corporate Finance
MKT837 Marketing Research
PAD784 Comparative Public Administration
MKT308 Promotion
MPA856 Urban And Regional Planning
MKT825 International Marketing
MPA812 Intergovernmental Relations (Igr)
PAD853 International Administration

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