AEM715 Management Of Agric. Extension Personnel
AEA304 Agricultural Marketing And Price
AEM311 Introduction To Rural Life
ARD312 Management Of Agric. Extension Personnel
AEM451 Farm Business Organisation
AEM722 Ruminant Animals
CRP304 Principles Of Horticultural Crop Production
AGR302 Agricultural Statistics And Data Processing
CRP311 Stored Produce Protection
SLM306 Soil Erosion And Conservation
ANP303 Introduction To Animal Product Processing And Preservation
EHS409 Sewage & Waste Water Management
NSS322 Medical Surgical Nursing II
HCM342 Current Issues In Food Safety & Sanitation
NSS324 Maternal And Child Health II
PHS402 Introduction To Public Health Laws
HCM436 Internal Control In Hospitality Administration
PHS424 Primary Emergency Obstetrics Care
ECE410 Issues In Early Childhood And Primary Education
EHS319 Introduction To Demography
EDA856 Problems And Issues In Higher Education
EDA854 Legal Aspects Of Educational Administration
HEM709 Primary Health Care And Hiv/Aids
EDU731 Curriculum Development (Theory And Practice)
EDT834 Instructional Radio And Television
NSS409 Medical Sociology
EGC801 Principles Of Guidance And Counselling
EDU728 Methods Of Teaching Nigerian Languages
PHS318 Principles Of Epidemiology
SED831 Curriculum Trends In Science Education
EGC811 Principles Of Interpersonal Relationships
BED416 Office Organization And Management
BUS419 International Business I
PED312 Fundamentals Of Early Childhood And Pry Education
EDU760 History Methods
BUS811 Diversity And Conflict Management
ACC411 Auditing II
PED431 Continous Assessment In Primary Education
CRD320 Co-Operatives Management & Organ
BUS898 Business Policy
SED315 The Nigerian Primary/Secondary School Science/Maths Cu
ENT414 Venture Creation And Growth
CRD407 Project Planning Management Monitor
ACC318 Taxation II
MBA889 French
ENT303 Small Scale Business Management
ACC812 Introduction To Accounting
MPA854 Public Enterprises Management
ENT428 Small Business Management
BFN301 Practice Of Banking
PAD856 Urban And Regional Planning
MBA801 Production And Operations Managemen
PAD326 Organisation And Administrative The
PAD747 Introduction To Public Administrati
MKT402 Marketing Of Financial Services
PAD409 Conduct Of Government Business
MPA855 Performance Measurement And Managem
BFN779 Public Financial Management

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