ACP303 Permanent Crop Production
AEM304 Communication And Audio-Visual Techniques
AEM503 Diffusion And Adoption Of Innovations
AEM509 Agricultural Business Management
AEM458 Extension Strategies Inpilot Rural Development
AEM724 Macro Economics
AEM751 Micro-Economic Analysis
CRP305 Crop Genetics And Breeding
HCM339 Food & Beverage Production III
HCM333 Food & Beverage Services III
CSP401 Biotechnology In Crop/Pest Management
HEM707 Biostatistics
HCM442 Tourism Entrepreneurship
SLM305 Introduction To Soil Chemistry Fertility And Microbiology

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PHS524 Health Education And Promotion
HEM726 Clinical Diagnostic And Therapeutic
NSS411 Educational And Curriculum Design
ECE412 Management Of Early Childhood Education
NSC307 Clinical Pharmacology And Chemotherapy I
PHS426 Essential Drugs And Public Health
PEDU724 Guidance And Counselling
NSS325 Clinical Pharmacology And Chemotherapy
BED312 Organisation And Administration Of Vocational Education
EGC809 Psychological Testing
EDU756 Physics Methods
EDA851 Principles Of Institutional Administration In Educatio EDA822 Supervision Of Instructions In Education
EDT823 Research and Media 
EDT821 Instructional Task Analysis & Psychological Basis Of I SED328 Energy And Matter II
PED412 Organization And Administration Of Primary Education
EDU332 Introduction To Educational Technology
BFN852 Public Financial Management
SED313 Improvisation In Integrated Science
EDU423 Measurement And Evaluation
BFN748 Financial Institutions And Market
BUS800 Quantitative Analysis
EDU740 Mathematics Methods
BUS801 Operations Management
CRD334 Agro-Business Management
EDU768 Social Studies Methods
ENT305 Business Opportunity Scouting And Evaluation
ENT304 Leadership & Corporate Governance
PED322 Methods Of Teaching Reading In Primary School
ENT413 Social Entrepreneurship And Community Development
ENT402 Management Of Creativity And Innovation
ACC407 Accounting & Auditing For Cooperatives
MBA833 Industrial Relations
MBA829 Organizational Change And Developm
BUS429 Corporate Planning
MBF845 International Banking
MKT823 Consumer Behaviour
BUS717 Priniciples Of Management
MKT826 Marketing Management And Strategy
PAD341 Public Administration In Nigeria
CRD422 Social Processes And Comparative Rural Social Systems
PAD354 Manpower Planning And Administratio
PAD403 Democratic Studies
MBA881 Business Policy
PAD404 Comprehensive Public Administration
PAD742 Development Theory And Administrat
MKT411 Marketing For Cooperatives
PAD870 Local Government Administration
PAD858 Development Planning, Project Prepa
MPA868 Comparative Public Administration

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