CLL234 Law Of Contract II
ARA483 Arabic Rhetoric
CLL534 Company Law And Business Association II
CLL431 Law Of Banking And Insurance I
CRS742 Reformation
JIL212 Nigerian Legal System II
PUL341 Criminal Law I
ENG411 English For Specific Purposes
PPL424 Equity And Trust II
CRS819 Greek Exegesis
FRE321 Advanced Studies In French Language Structure I
PUL342 Criminal Law II
ENG353 The English Language In Nigeria
FRE411 Introduction To Research In French
CRS803 Inter-Religious Dialogue
BIO408 Soil Ecology
ISL402 Modern Reform Movement
ENG341 The Phonolgy Of English
CHM301 Physical Chemistry III
BIO310 Protozoology
BIO414 Applied Entomology
CHM409 Electrochemistry
CIT341 Data Structures
CHM302 Polymer Chemistry
CIT474 Introduction To Expert Systems
DAM462 Agricultural Data Systems
CHM405 Chemical Thermodynamics
CIT736 Computer Programming
ESM304 Research Methods and Field Trip
CIT445 Principles And Techniques Of Compilers
DAM382 Information Systems Management
PHY406 Optics III
CIT711 Computer Fundamentals
ESM322 Water And Waste Water Management
CSS411 Contemporary Issues In Criminology And Securities ESM328 Biodiversity Conservation
ESM403 Environmental Perception
CSS743 Principles Of Security Practice And Management ESM422 Resource Evaluation
MTH381 Mathematical Methods III
ECO346 Financial Institutions
MTH382 Mathematical Methods IV
MTH401 General Topology I
INR352 International Relations In East And
MTH421 Ordinary Differential Equation
PHY303 Special Relativity
INR422 International Institutions
PHY310 Electronics II
ECO427 Comparative Economics
JLS732 Principles & Practice Of Pr
ECO459 Advanced Mathematical Economics
MAC331 Advertising Campaign Planning & Exe
JLS845 Issues In Communication Policy & Te
MAC316 Mass Comm. & National Development
MAC421 Advance Newspaper/Magazine Producti
PCR352 Sustainable Environmental Development And Peace
MAC428 Integrated Marketing Communication
POL324 Politics Of Development & Underdevelopment
PCR712 Democracy And Good Governance
PCR421 International Organisations And Pea
PCR819 Human Rights And Diplomacy
POL318 Political Behaviour
POL411 Political Psychology
TSM342 Concept, Design And Feasibility I
TSM442 Tourism Entrepreneurship

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