2018-2 NOUN E-EXAMS DAY 2 - TUESDAY, NOV 27th ,2018

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HCM134 Food & Nutrition
HCM241 Understanding Tourists And Hosts
AGR203 Principles Of Crop Production
AEM202 Introduction To Rural Sociology
SOS203 Introduction to Agro-Climatology
NSC207 Medical Biochemistry II
NSC111 Foundations Of Nursing
NSS201 Foundations Of Nursing
CRS210 History And Religion Of Israel
ISL245 Ilm _L-Kalam And Development Of Muslim Firaq
ISL136 Women In Islam
FRE102  Basic French Grammar And Composition II
ENG162  Elements Of Drama
ENG216 Survey Of English Literature II
CRS122  Types Of Theology

GST101  Use Of English And Communication Skills I
ARD202  Principles Of Rural Sociology
HCM244  Tourists Sites: Products And Operations II

GST105 History And Philosophy Of Science
CRS261 Christian Counseling
HCM235 Beverage And Cost
HCM147 Tourism Policy And Planning
ARD203 Introduction To Home Economics

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