TMA CIT102 List of Questions

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Q1 Statistical analysis plays an important role in ___________

Q2 One of these converts computer digital information into what we can understand

Q3 Data can be searched in the database using _________

Q4 Instructions given to the computer to execute are in form of __________.

Q5 One of these is a design type in microsoft access

Q6 The Central Unit part of a Central Processsing Unit operates in what is called the ___________ cycle.

Q7 When using a table in microsoft access as a new user it is strongly advised to make use of the __________

Q8 One of these is not among the steps of opening MS-Access

Q9 One of these is not an example of database application

Q10 _________ are deifned as the screen platforms between a user and database records

Q11 A _____ is the group of records that hold all the data involved in a database

Q12 DBMS, stands for Database management ___________

Q13 Usually the character fields of a DBMS are limited to _____ characters

Q14 These are common types of data used in field types in a database application except _____

Q15 One of these is not a property of fields used in database

Q16 A _____ is a data structure consisting of different items of data all related to a common subject

Q17 One of these is a trend type when plotting trend lines of a graph

Q18 The E on the standard tool bar of microsoft excel allows _______

Q19 An excel file usually has the ____ extension

Q20 __ is a word file extension.

Q21 _____ option saves your document, using the current filename or the one given to it by Microsoft Word.

Q22 Selecting ______ in word simply opens a blank screen for you to create a new document.

Q23 ______ screen allows you to see how your document will appear on paper before printing it.

Q24 ______ simply means Treasury of Synonym and Antonyms where you can select alternative words for same words.

Q25 ______ involves changing the appearance of a document.

Q26 In Word Processing environment, the ______ is very similar to the tip or point of a pen and it indicates where text will appear next when it is entered from the keyboard

Q27 _______ is the term for changing of a document.

Q28 Oracle provides application for ________ application

Q29 Microsoft project is an application used for _________

Q30 The application used for easier calculation is ________

Q31 _________ is an application used for text preparation

Q32 _________ is an application used for presentations

Q33 _______ applications were among the first commercial uses of digital computers.

Q34 A very good example of Desktop Publishing packages is the ___________

Q35 _______ packages are used for creating published materials such as Newsletters, Brochures and Flyers.


Q36 Database Management packages are the applications that computerize the routine tasks of recording and filing of ______

Q37 Electronic Spreadsheet application is majorly used in business by accounting professionals to perform ______ calculations

Q38 A ______software simply uses the power and speed of a computer machine to perform some mathematical calculations or simulate some real life situations.

Q39 _____ is the manipulation of characters by a machine to serve communication purposes.

Q40 Editing is simply defined as Text _________

Q41 A compiler translates the original program, called the Source Program into what is called the _______

Q42 ________ languages help programmers to solve a problem by indicating the procedures to be used by the computer.

Q43 ______ languages are the machine-independent languages.

Q44 ________ language was developed to use symbolic names or mnemonics to alleviate some of the difficulties in using Machine language.

Q45 A ________ language is the only language the computer actually understands.

Q46 The ______ phase of computer programming consists of debugging or removing the program errors and the program testing.

Q47 The third phase of computer programming is also called the starting point of ___________

Q48 In computer programming the ________ stage is where you as a programmer, plan the logic of the solution.

Q49 In _____ phase of computer programming the problem is described and fully analysed.

Q50 The file extension for Bitmap or Graphic Image is ______

Q51 Letter �??D�?� is used for the _______ drive

Q52 Letter �??A�?� is usually used by the OS to Identify _______ drive

Q53 Information created by using an application is stored in ________.

Q54 Every drive has what is called a Root ____________

Q55 The instructions meant to run an application are stored in________

Q56 _________ simply a graphical representation of a program, a file or a program activity which you can just double-click to run or open.

Q57 Windows Operating System is a typical example of OS that runs programs and arranges them in _________

Q58 A _______ OS supports many users to share the same resources or devices of the computer system simultaneously.

Q59 _______ is an OS that allows you to run only one program in the Main Memory and processed at a time.

Q60 The ______ is a collection of computer programs that helps you to run other programs and manage other devices on the computer system.

Q61 Ordinarily, there are __ cursor-control keys on a standard keyboard

Q62 The __ Key is also referred to as the Return Key in the older design of electronic keyboards

Q63 The input device that records voice data to the computer is the __.

Q64 The computer system will reboot itself once the following combination of keys: __ are pressed.

Q65 The __ Key is used to end the current line of the text and start a new one when typing.

Q66 On pressing the Caps Lock key, an indicator light appears at the top __ corner of the keyboard

Q67 Most electronic keyboards closely follow that of the __ keyboard

Q68 The monitor uses the same Cathode Ray __ like the television set

Q69 The input device specifically used for computer games is the ___

Q70 The mouse was originally designed for computer ___ that run on the windows operating system

Q71 One can receive Television channel signals on the computer by means of an appropriate __ device.

Q72 The Inkjet and Laser Jet Printers are classified as __ printers.

Q73 The mouse is commonly classified as a __ device.

Q74 The Standard Output Unit is the __

Q75 The __ unit part of the central processing unit operates in a __cycle.

Q76 All the following are operations of the Central Processing Unit except ___

Q77 It is more expensive to produce __ Crystal Display used by laptops than the conventional monitor used by desktops.

Q78 The __ makes it possible to interconnect directly or indirectly to all the other computer devices

Q79 The __ disk drive is the most common type of removable drive

Q80 Jumping of instructions is a specific function of the __