Important Notice For All Noun Graduating Students (2019)

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Please be informed that convocation comes up on the January 2019. All eligible graduands are therefore requested to go to their study centers with their courses registration slip(s) that has proof of IT, SEMINAR and PROJECT registrations for clearance. Please note the below: Graduation gown: 15,000 Federal Alumni due: 5,000 Study Centre Alumni due: 2,500 Total of 22,500 is required for this exercise sponsored! In this regard the following also should be noted: 

Your name must be on the Graduation list Provide evidence of correct registration of courses and exams by providing your course and exam registration slips or complete E-Wallet. 

Provide evidence of payment of Jamb 
Regularization (6,000) Provide an evidence of result verification                                                                                    (Postgraduate: 10,000)   (Undergraduate:5,000) 

All graduating students, especially those whose names are on the new website must print out their E-Wallets from their portals. Proof of payment of correct project fee                                                                                        
NOTE: Students that registered projects before January 1, 2014 with 10,000 are free. But those that registered project with 10,000 after the above date must pay a balance of 5,000. Any student with a negative balance in their portal must clear the balance before he/she can be cleared.                                                                                                                                              image credit: NOUN All graduating students must pay convocation and registration fee of 15,000 upon return of the gown in good condition within the stipulated time, a refund of 5,000 will be made to the student into the student’s bank account.      The payment of the 15,000 should be strictly for the convocation and registration via remita website as shown below:                                                                                                                       

 Logon to: Click on:  pay FGN and State TSA Type:        National Open University of Nigeria Select:      miscellaneous 

Description: type your reason for payment (convocation and registration fee). N.B:   If you are paying for any other item: project balance or result verification, etc. 

you state it there. Name of student and matric number E.g. (Nnamdi Udoka Samuel NOU123456789) Phone number Email address Select bank branch (please avoid using the internet or card payment to avoid issues) Take your RRR to any commercial bank for payment Ensure you collect the RRR receipt from the bank. The above can be done for you at the study center Business office.  Then proceed with all the documents to the accountant office for clearance. Feel free to drop your questions below and it will be attended to as soon as possible.


  1. Please can a student register project first semester 400level please, you reply is required please

  2. Hi, please how can I check for my name at the website to verify if
    I am among the graduands. And secondly I want to know if one can still meet up with the graduands even if am not done with project submission and seminar because am concluding my IT by December can I still meet up? I Have done all the three important registrations I.e IT, Project and seminar its only remaining me to present. Please I need an urgent reply thanks

  3. pls how many units course for undergraduate
    that enter for 200

  4. What shall I do.I don't have some of this documents mentioned.the worse part is that I can not even access my portal...its saying account deactivated by the academic registry... But my name is in the graduating list