How To Solve Issues of NOUN Fees Payment Not Reflecting on the Noun Portal

1. Go to the Nouonline Portal website >

2. Login to your Noun student portal account

3. Enter your Noun student login info -
Matric no. , password and Click 'Submit'

4. At Noun Studware, Click on 'Manage Wallet' and select ' Check wallet payments'
Now, you should be on the Nouonline wallet payment status page

5. Enter your Nou Student matric number , Remita RRR generated code and Click
'Check Wallet Payment'

And this could be the case, saying:

This RRR not found
RRR is not found for Wallet Payment
No Positive Response Yet from Remita, Please Check again later.

No Reference to wallet funding
RRR not found in the e-wallet

Don't panic, just return to Noun site homepage =>

6. At the Noun website homepage, Click on
'RRR Check' to confirm your remita payment status

7. Enter your Remita RRR generated code, Choose payment category (wallet funding in most cases) and Click on 'Check' .
Now, you should get a successful transaction message showing:
The Remita Reference Number
Amount Paid
Transaction date
Category and
Order ID

Re-login into your Nouonline student portal and repeat the step 4 & 5 - Noun fees payment procedures.
Instead of - 

This RRR not found, you'll see something like payment record on table17a
Congrats, you can go back and register your Noun courses/exam... it's done.

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