How To Solve & Answer NOUN TMA Questions

1. Visit the noun student portal website >

2. Click on Student Login , enter your
noun portal login credentials and click

3. At the Noun student portal Profile page,
 Click on Courses > Tutor - Marked Assignments
You should now be at the Noun TMA Portal staring on a distance at TMA Questions

4. From Status, Click on Take TMA to open up the TMA Question

5. Drag and drop the Noun Course material on a new browser tab .
Or you directly open the Noun online courseware webpage and open the course you're solving its TMA.

So now, you'd be having three opening tabs on your browser: The Nouonline portal website, 
The Noun TMA Page and 
The ecourseware (course material). 

N/B: Get your course materials here if you don't have.

6. From the Given TMA Question . Look for a significant keyword in the sentence, copy it and search the keyword in the Course material.

For instance, I have this noun tma question:

Question 1 : Which of the options can be used to search for people trapped in collapsed buildings
From this, I’m taking collapsed as my keyword to look-up at the Noun Courseware guide.
When i head over at the noun eCourseware and searched the word " Collapsed ". I have this as the answer to the given tma question:
That's Snaking ( B ) is the right answer to the given TMA 
Often times, you may pick a wrong keyword at first. When that happens, try again with another word from the sentence till you found the right answer.

Trust me this was the same procedures that i used to score 30 marks each in all my Noun Tmas. 

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