GST202 T.M.A Questions and Answers

Q1 The organs of ECOWAS are

Q2 The treaty that established ECOWAS was signed in what year _________

Q3 The treaty establishing ECOWAS was signed in _________

Q4 The West African sub region were colonised by

Q5 ECOWAS was established in __________

Q6 Economic Community of West African sub- region were colonised by

Q7 To advance the development of the Continent by promoting research is not part of the objective of all

Q8 The organs in the African Union are

Q9 African union and Pan- African treaty was signed in __________

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Q10 A treaty recommending the creation of African Union and the Pan-African parliament was signed in the year _______

Q11 ______ is defined as that set of activities associated with any given position in an organisation

Q12 The objectives of OAU are

Q13 One of these is not a member of Monrovia group

Q14 The Monovoria group charter was signed in _________

Q15 Casablanca group charter was signed in on January 7th __________

Q16 The organisation of African Unity (OAU) was born in ___________

Q17 The Evolution of European Union has its roots in the post ________ politics of Western Europe

Q18 United Nations International Children's Educational Fund (UNICEF) set up in __________


Q19 The International labour congress( ILO) wIth its head quarters in

Q20 The former occupier of the exalted office of Secretary General was ____________

Q21 One of these is not a stage of conflict

Q22 Geneva Conventions prohibited recruitment of children less than 18 years into the armed forces among others

Q23 One of these is not an approach to the legitimacy of humanitarian intervention in the absence of security council authorization

Q24 ______ is when a person makes an infromed choice to agree freely and voluntarily to do something

Q25 __________ prevents person from making free decisions and forces them to behave against their will


Q26 The term ________ refers to the biological ccharacteristics of male and female

Q27 Security Council resolution 1325 on women peace and security was adopted on 31 october

Q28 Former Secretary-General, __________ said that the purpose of sanctions is to modify the behavior of a party that is threatening international peace and security and not to punish or otherwise extract retribution

Q29 ___________ mat be employed to deter military aggression or to force an aggressor to withdraw its armed forces from a disputed territory

Q30 ___________ is another coercive or forcible legal means of conflict resolution by which a nation may show its disapproval by way of retaliaition for the discourteous act of aother state

Q31 __________ can simply be defined as the use and assistance of a neutral third party in conflict, who listem to evidence, put forward by parties in conflict

Q32 ___________ is a voluntary, informal, non-binding process undertaken by an external party that fosters the settlement of differences or demands beforseen directly invested parties.

Q33 The concept concilation was defined by the international law institutes in _______

Q34 A good agreement is reacted if at the end of the negotiation the following conditions are met

Q35 One of these is not a basic element in principles of negotiation

Q36 _______can be defined as a peaceful way of ending a conflcit or a situation that may lead to conflict

Q37 ___________ refers to the process or an act geared towards reducing the negative and destruction capacity of conflict through various means or measures and by workng with and through the stakeholders involved in a conflict

Q38 One of these is not part of article 1 of the Untied Nation charter

Q39 South Africa ceased to be a member of Commonwealth of Nations because__________

Q40 South Africa ceased to be a member of Commonwealth of Nations in _____________

Q41 The security council performs a number of functions

Q42 Germany is not a permanent member of security council

Q43 Security council at its inception in 1945, it had ____ members

Q44 Decision of General Assembly are normally reached by _______ of the members

Q45 The General Assembly meets once in a year usually in ______ and each members state is represented in the morning


Q46 In traumatic situation, a person is rendered powerless and faces the threat of death and injury

Q47 The relational dimension of peace building focuses on _______

Q48 Peace educators seek to establish democratic class rooms that teach cooperation and promote positive self esteem among thier student

Q49 In ________, peace education is narrowly defined as anti- atomic bomb

Q50 One of these is not an aspect of DDR conversion

Q51 There are ________ aspects of a sucessful of DDR conversion

Q52 DDR means __________

Q53 Specific objective of the DDR programme is to increase the size of the armed forces and the other natural organisation forces

Q54 __________ is the assistance offered to an ex combatant during mobilisation but prior to the longer- terms process of re intergration

Q55 _______ entails the physical removal of the means of combat of ex- belligerents

Q56 ________ is an umbrella term for restrictions upon the development, production, stock piling, proliferation and usage of weapons especially weapons of mass desctruction

Q57 Arms control is not meant to break the security dilemma

Q58 Proliferation of aims threatens legitimate but weak government

Q59 One of these is not causes of Arms proliferation in Nigeria

Q60 Characteristic of Small arms and Light weapons is

Q61 All but one Is not important of early warning

Q62 Bypassing can be reduced by ____________

Q63 There are over ______ different languages in use everyday in Nigeria

Q64 The assumption and guide manager's dealing with thier employees is

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Q65 Barriers to social perception are as follows except


Q66 Causes of conflict frame work are the following except one

Q67 Timeline is not a reserach tool per say but a way to prompt discussion and learning.

Q68 _______ is the process, which involve monitoring, observing and recording the trend of change and continuity in the conflict process

Q69 All but one is not important in timing in pre- intervertion conflict analysis

Q70 The Following are element required to structure analysis of stake holders except

Q71 One of these is not categories of Stake holders

Q72 When stake holders begin to have a rethink, shift ground and need for dialogue recognised and efforts are made towards attaining relative peace

Q73 The first stage of conflict whereby the problem emerges and acts or things or situation that were previously ignored and taken for granted now turn to serious issues is called

Q74 There are two key propelling variables in conflict cycle: oppurtunity and willingness

Q75 One of these is not true

Q76 ________ is defined as a community of people who have the conviction that they bhave a common identitiy and common fate based on issues on origin and shared language

Q77 __________ in this theory states that ego tends like whom his friend, but dislike whom his enemy like

Q78 ________ introduces to the theory of conflict the view of productive and constructive conflict.

Q79 __________ see conflicts as highly contingent on the emergence of charismatic leaders who could mobilize subordinate

Q80 ___________ is the great social philosopher opines that the degree of inequality in the destribution of resources generate inherent conflict of interest.

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