GST107 TMA 2 Questions and Answers

Q1 Computer literacy is a skill that all students should acquire and ____ to succeed in their studies

Q2 The excellent way to democratize group learning experience is through ________

Q3 Understanding how you learn is a ___________ process

Q4 Computer can be used to execute the following except ________

Q5 To be an independent learner, you are required to be a ____

Q6 You are advised Not To ________ your study material if you are stuck while reading.

Q7 Some of the general problems which all students face are __________

Q8 The challenges students encounter while taking control of their studies includes all but _______

Q9 The free writing technique can be used to improve students _______

Q10 The basic components of academic writing are __________

Q11 The short cut to 'paste' in word processing is _______

Q12 The type of student who is inclined to put in bursts of intensive study and learns a lot quickly is descibed as _________

Q13 All these may be associated with the acquisition of essential skills except _________________

Q14 The short cut to 'redo' in word processing is _______

Q15 The folllowing steps may be taken to become a skillful student except __________

Q16 In ________ learning, the student will search for the underlying meaning of a text as he reads.

Q17 A student who can start reading a book from page one and read to the end will be described as a _________

Q18 Substantive knowledge is gained by students through reading, asking questions and _____

Q19 All the following are necessary to improve your learning except _____________

Q20 The two classes of learners you studied are _____ and _______

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