How to load your NOUN wallet without going to the bank

Step 1

Login to your portal

+ Click on Manage Wallet

+ Select Load Wallet

Fill all necessary fields, *take note* of the *email address, phone number* in your portal, if you don't have access to it or it's not yours please change it to the *email & phone number* you have access to because your *receipt and invoice* will be sent there.

+ Input the amount you want to pay. E.g 43000 without a comma

"Select Payment Method"

Choose "MasterCard"

Then click pay

Step 2

You will be redirected to a remita portal . *Take Note of your RRR Number it has (hyphen) 1102-2580-6598 (12digits number) _sample_*

Scroll down , Select Method of Payment (MasterCard)

Click on mastercard a column will show

Enter ATM Card Name

Enter your atm card number (note: it's 16 in number)

Enter the expiry date (e.g: 21/20) you'll see the expiry date on ur card 💳

Then enter ur ccv number (flip ur atm card 💳 to the back you'll see 3digits written there, enter the number)

Then click on pay.

Step 3

A pop up will appear, asking you to enter your Otp Code

A code will be sent to you as sms, type in the code and you're done. Success.

An attachment of your payment will be sent to your email address, mind you your *RRR code* is on the attachment.

Now go back to Noun Portal, and DON'T LOGIN click on *Check RRR*

Type in the *RRR code* and submit

Now login,

Click on Manage Wallet

Select on Check Payment

Enter the RRR and submit

Your wallet funding will reflect.

This process might look long, trust me it's not.

I hope it helps.

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