How To Check 2018/2019 NOUN Registrable Courses

1. Visit the National Open University website ==>

2. At the national open university website homepage, Hover your mouse to Study with Us, Click/ and or Hover to Programmes on the Noun site drop-down menu options and then click on Registerable courses.
Now, you should have the List of Noun registrable courses on the next opened page

3. In the Noun registrable courses reset page, Choose your faculty from the drop-down menu options (from host faculty) and click Apply to filter registrable courses based on your noun Faculty (School of study)

4. Now click on your noun registered course or intended courses to study at the Noun university (this applicable to prospects/aspirants).
Note: I will be using B.Sc Public Administration as an example on this tutorial.

5. The next opened page opens the List of all registrable courses available based on the noun programme selection.

6. Click on the course programme title

7. Select your course at the Course Title 

8. Click on Course material to download the courseware of the programme.


9. In the next opened page, Hover and/or Click on the second icon at the top right 
corner of the webpage to save the noun courseware into your device.

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