Why now, NOUN Asaba?

SIR; A situation where the National Open University campus in Asaba does not give students all the necessary materials like books, study kits and lectures is most frustrating. How do they expect students to perform well during the exams? Students are frustrated paying money for virtually everything some of which were already paid for.
They are forced to go to business centres to start printing textbooks that should have been provided for them and while reading some of the textbooks, you see it mentioning that you should listen to lectures on CD’S that are not provided.
Eziokwubundu Atuegwu,

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  1. That's true...... Something is wrong somewhere and it seems that the management don't care about students education and performance they are only after our cash...

  2. It happens at my own center, you get 3 hardcopy text book but it's advisable to just download the PDf course materials online. Often times these PDF books are updated making more reliable for studies... The only challenge I face is the lack of electricity at my study time.

  3. We really find it difficult to understand our materias

  4. Same thing in my study centre " NSCDC Suaka Abuja" student will pay for all course material but they will give someone 4 from ten courses which is very bad...

  5. Materials are never complete how do they expect students to study and pass their exams without the help of lectures.... Please they should do something about it.

  6. they should find a lasting solutions to this problem,
    because it's unreasonable for high institutions like Noun nOT to provide facilities that will make improvements to student study like free Wi-Fi in school premises, efficient facilitator and library in the school campus and outside the school,even if it's will cause a lot of money and they can't avoid to build library across the cities in Nigeria they should follow the footstep of federal government free medical care for federal civil service
    ( N. H. I. S ) and tell federal government to allow Noun students to use all federal library across cities in Nigeria in free of charge without paying anything, the current Noun student I. D card is enough to serve as evident to any student that wish to use federal library and also they should subscribe and obtain a license to every standards library across Nigeria for Noun students because federal library is not enough to occupy all Noun students across the country,
    And I also think that the current course materials we are using some of them which 150/250 pages is too much for someone that is working and at the same time also running a Degree program, which there will be no much time for that person to cover the whole pack,
    I think they should reduce it and make it like 70 pages per one course in a semester.