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CIT213 List of Questions

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Q1 A ______ represents approximately 1000 bytes

Q2 A group of ____ bits is called a byte.

Q3 A bit is the smallest possible unit of data.

Q4 A _______ is used to refer to about 1 trillion bytes, or 1000 gigabytes of data.

Q5 The term _____ is a short form of binary digit.

Q6 All data must be represented in a _____ before it can be processed.

Q7 A __________ is used to refer to about 1 million bytes of data.

Q8 ______ are special, high-speed storage area within the CPU.

Q9 EEPROM is an acronym for electronically ______ read-only-memory.

Q10 PROM is an acronym for ______ read-only memory.

Q11 A workstation is so much like a PC except that it is more powerful and has more capabilities for handling _______ and graphics-processing than a PC.

Q12 Computer are used primarily to speed up the ________ solving and increase the overall productivity of its users.

Q13 A _______ can be referred to as a programmable, multi-user device that accepts data, raw facts and figures, and processes, or manipulates, it into useful information

Q14 Local control of data is also a disadvantage of distributed data processing

Q15 Transaction processing entails the ______ of appropriate database records as soon as a transaction is captured into the computer.

Q16 One of these is not an advantage of distributed data processing

Q17 One of these is an advantage of distributed data processing

Q18 ______ is a nonvolatile type of memory. Nonvolatile chips always hold the same data; the data in them can be read and used-it cannot be changed.

Q19 ROM is an acronym for ______ Only Memory.

Q20 RAM consists of some _____ on a small circuit board.

Q21 A computers primary memory is an/a _____ device that store information necessary for a program to run.

Q22 Computers use ______ types memory

Q23 The CPU has _______ which are devices capable of holding a few bytes of data or instructions at a time.

Q24 The ______ unit is the electronic circuitry capable of performing the two basic logic operations.

Q25 The purpose of_______ is to hold programs and data while they are in use.

Q26 The computer can perform only two types of operations: arithmetic operations and _______ operations.

Q27 The ______ is the brain of the computer and it is the place where data is manipulated within the computer system.

Q28 An ____ device is used to communicate data and instructions or programs to the computer.

Q29 Using a computer in a business leads to improved customer relations due to its reliability, generation of more timely reports, and speedier responses to enquiries regarding business operations

Q30 The ______ of the processor coordinates all activities of the computer system.

Q31 ________ operations is the stage of operations, data, information, and the instructions used for the processing of data are stored temporarily or permanently in primary or secondary storage devices.

Q32 _____ operations stage is the stage the result or information obtained from the data is produced in a form acceptable by the user.

Q33 RAM is an acronym for ______ Access Memory.

Q34 ____ operations stage in the stage data or instructions are captured electronically or entered by means of the available input device.

Q35 Supercomputers traditionally have been used in scientific and military work, but they are starting to be use in business as well.

Q36 _____ used for short-term storage of data or program instructions.

Q37 A ________ is highly sophisticated and powerful machine that is used for tasks requiring rapid and complex calculations with hundreds of thousands of variable factors.

Q38 ______ operations stage is the stage that already captured and transformed data is manipulated to generate desired result for the end user other processing systems.

Q39 A _______ is so much like a PC except that it is more powerful and has more capabilities for handling mathematical and graphics-processing than a PC.

Q40 _____ are sometimes referred to as personal computers (PCs).

Q41 A ______ is a mid-range, multi-purpose computer, about the size of an office desk produced by a number of manufacturers including Dell, Hewlett Packard

Q42 _______ is used for very large amount of business, scientific and engineering, military data.

Q43 A ________ is the largest and relatively most powerful computer, a powerhouse with large storage and very rapid processing power and speed.

Q44 The most common digital computers use a _____ alphabet, that is, an alphabet of two characters.

Q45 A ______ computer represents a datum as a sequence of symbols drawn from a fixed alphabet.

Q46 Binary means having two components, alternatives, or outcomes.

Q47 The term _____ describes any system based on discontinues data or events. For example, electricity is either turned on or turned off.

Q48 An/A ______ computer represents a datum as a voltage, distance, position, or other physical quantity.

Q49 ______ refers to non-digital (non-computer-based), continuous variable forms of data transmission, including voice and video.

Q50 Computing devices are classified as _______ according to the means by which they represent data.

Q51 ______ generation computing devices, based on artificial intelligence, are still in development.

Q52 ______generation computers also saw the development of Graphical Users Interface, the pointer devices such as mouse and personal digital assistants.

Q53 ______ led to the creation of the first personal computer.

Q54 In third generation computers transistors were miniaturized and placed on silicon chips, called ________

Q55 __________ generation computers used integrated circuits.

Q56 ____________ generation of computers supported the use of assembly, languages - this allowed programmers to specify instructions in words.

Q57 _______ generation of computer relied on punched cards for input and printouts for output.

Q58 _____ generation of computers, transistors were used in placed of vacuum tubes.

Q59 ______ generation computers allowed programming in machine language to perform operations, and they could only solve one problem at a time.

Q60 ______ generation computers were very expensive to operate and maintain.

Q61 The first computers used _______ for circuitry and magnetic drums for memory, and were often enormous, taking up a large space.

Q62 In order for data to be processed by a computer, the data needs first to be converted into a _____ format.

Q63 The computer reads in data and _______, does some processing, and stores or outputs desired results.

Q64 A _____ can be referred to as a programmable, multi-user device that accepts data, raw facts and figures, and processes, or manipulates, it into useful information

Q65 A ______ is a device which given a set of instructions or data can be used to perform given task or tasks.

Q66 The ultimate goal of data processing is to obtain information which will not control financial and administrative aspects of a business.

Q67 The basic data processing operations performed on business data include the following except

Q68 In recent times, data processing systems are quite often referred to as ______ systems to highlight their practicality.

Q69 _____ processing systems have become indispensable in managing information in modern day organizations.

Q70 Data becomes more useful only when they have undergone some computer processing and well-presented to allow for decision making.

Q71 ______ Data processing (DP) is any computer automated process that converts raw facts i.e data into output i.e useful information.

Q72 _____ is defined as either a meaningful answer to a query or a meaningful stimulus that can cascade into further queries.

Q73 ________ are used to turn meaningless data by processing them into useful information, such as spreadsheet, graphs, and reports.

Q74 The computer reads in data and _______, does some processing, and stores or outputs desired results.

Q75 When the method of data processing is manual, it is called ______ data processing

Q76 The outcome of a processed data is _______.

Q77 Data is meaningless until it undergoes some forms of _________

Q78 An/A ________ refers to a person, place, or a thing. Data consist of numbers, words, images,

Q79 Data is the plural form of the word _______ and refers to basic facts about an object.

Q80 _____ exist in a variety of forms such as numbers or text on pieces of paper, as bytes in computer memory or as facts stored in a person's mind.

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