1. Ethics is mostly known as the branch of philosophy which deals with
the_____ of human actions in the society

2. ______made an ingenious guess that man was originally born from
animals of another

3. ________was credited with the prediction of the eclipse of 585 B.C.

4. The first man to make a standard comment about the nature and
definition of philosophy was_______

5. All men are mortal, Amusa is a man. Therefore Amusa is a mortal.
This is an example of________

6. The statement within an argument which provide support for
asserting the conclusion of that argument is called_______

7. A logical proposition is valid only when it can both be________

8. The claim that "every logical statement is a sentence and not every
sentence is a logical" can be established in______

9. The theory which believes that human beings can acquire knowledge
of reality by the use of mind or pure reason is called_______

10. An average scientist always seek for explanation while the philosopher
basically seek for_______

11. The assertion "The only thing I know is that I know nothing" can be
credited to_____

12. ______is a components of philosophy deals with the study of morality
of human action in society

13. The questions such as "what is the relation between knowledge and
reality" Is human mind capable of knowing? Are most likely from______

14. The questions "what is mind" Does God exist" can be linked to branch
of philosophy called

15. The branch of philosophy which deals with the theory of knowledge is


1. Morality

2. Anaximander

3. Thales

4. Pythagoras

5. Deductive

6. Premise

7. denied or asserted

8. logical statement

9. Rationalism

10. Justification

11. Socrates

12. Ethics

13. Epistemology

14. Metaphysics

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