CommonWealth Executive Programme – Noun CEMBA/CEMPA Programme, Admission Requirements,

What is Cemba/Cempa Programme

Before venturing into something as important as this, you seriously need to know as much as you can, and this include the Cemba/Cempa programme. One of the traditional ways of delivering MBA and MPA programmes throughout the world, although it has been attractive, have in general been expensive and restrictive to several persons.
If you have ever tried enrolling in an MBA and MPA programmes, you will discover that there are several physical limitations, which is imposed by the traditional mode of delivery, which includes;
  • Face-to-face tuition,
  • Classroom setting,
  • Specific time and space, etc.
If you check the traditional way of delivering MBA and MPA programmes, you will discovered that the number of students who can benefit from such a costly way of teaching is limited, when it comes to stress and time management.  Although we have seen MBA programmes offered through the internet or through other forms of Open and Distance Learning (ODL), they are great methods, but in all honesty, these MBA programmes are very expensive to many interested persons in the developing world and 90% of them require reliable internet access or you’ll miss out.
To provide a lasting and better solution to this problem been faced by thousands, the Commonwealth Of Learning, which also stands as an advocate for distance education and open learning, and which is strongly committed to the promotion of education as a fundamental tool for the development of people and organizations in the developing world, now enables ODL institutions in the Africa continents to offer these programmes to the people of Ghana, Mauritius, Nigeria and Tanzania, and the best part is that this programme is offered to all interested persons;
  • In their own time,
  • Their own pace,
  • At an affordable price.

Features of the Cemba/Cempa programme:

  • Provision of learning at one’s pace, place and time
  • Cost effective and cost efficient educational operations
  • Provision of equal opportunity of admission
  • Self instructional learning materials, in print and non-print media
  • Provision of face-to-face and distance tutor support
  • Continuous and terminal evaluation.

List of Participating Institutions

The CEMBA/CEMPA programmes was initially being offered in 5 countries listed below:
  • Nigeria,
  • Bangladesh,
  • India,
  • Pakistan,
  • Sri Lanka
Through their respective Open Universities.  The participating institutions offering these programmes are listed below:
  • National Open University of Nigeria
  • Bangladesh Open University
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • Allama Igbal Open University
  • Open University of Sri Lanka.

CEMBA/CEMPA Admission Requirements

For all interested aspirants who are interested in been admitted into the National Open University of Nigeria, for admission to the CEMBA/CEMPA programmes, the institution requires the following listed below:
  • Applicants must have a first degree from any recognized institution.
  • Applicants are required to have a minimum of two years of relevant post-qualification experience before applying for admission into this programme.
  • Applicant is required to have a working knowledge of the English Language at the post-graduate level,
  • All applicants must have a satisfactory score in the CEMBA/CEMPA Admission Test.
  • Applicants must have at least, 3 years managerial experience with recognised professional certificate may be considered for admission at their own merits.
Please all aspirants/applying candidates should take note, that the application for admission into any of the programmes should be addressed to the Registrar, National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) by completing the application form, which can be filled online through the institution official portal. The completed form, along with copies of your certificates, admission test scores, and programme fees, should be received by the University.

Admission Test

It is very important for all applicants to note, that the CEMBA/CEMPA programmes are designed for highly capable and qualified individuals, who are very much committed to self development and a higher level of achievement in their professional lives.  The Admission Test which all applicants must be successful, is designed to provide an additional dimension of measurement for the selection of candidates for these rigorous and demanding programmes of study.
The Admission Test date for the programmes will be announced, for the 2017/2018 academic session.  The test will consist of multiple choice questions designed to test applicants’ capabilities in the following spheres:
  • General Awareness
  • English Language
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • Reasoning
One of the major reason why your application will be successful, is based on a successful completion of the test, this test is essential for qualification and eligibility for admission into the programme.
The Test will be conducted at selected NOUN Study Centres.  The list of the probable centres for the test is as contained on the online from.

Study Centres For Hosting CEMBA/CEMBA Programme

National Open University of Nigeria
14/16 Ahmadu Bello Way,
Victoria Island
2ABUJA STUDY CENTRENational Open University of Nigeria Study Centre,
No. 5 DAR_ES_SALAM Street
off Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse 2
Behind Glo Office Abuja.
3KADUNA STUDY CENTRENational Open University of Nigeria Study Centre,
kaduna Campus (old NETC) by Trade Fair Complex,
KM. 4 Zaria Road,
4PORT HARCOURT STUDY CENTRENational Open University of Nigeria Study Centre,
St. John Campus Aba road,near Garison Rumuolumeni PMB 5047
Port Harcourt.

Validity of Admission

The successful completion of the admission test, will ensure that the applicant will be eligible for admission in the year they pass the test. All interested candidates should note that registration for any of the programmes shall be valid for 5 years from the date you are offered admission into the programme.
However, in case the candidate is not able to complete the programme within the 5 years, he/she will be qualified and eligible for re-registration by paying the fee for the remaining courses needed for graduation.

Admission Form

Please read the Following instructions Before Filling the noun cemba/cempa registration form:
  • You must have printed your Admission letter.
  • All interested applicants must have paid the recommended fee.
  • Please take note that you must have received your CMAT NO. and Reference No., this is very important.
  • Proceed and login to the CEMBA/CEMPA portal, using the CMAT NO. and Reference No. to complete your registration form and submit online.
  • Before you finally submit the form, preview and print out the completed form and attach three (3) recent passport photographs.
  • Submit the printed form at your Study Centre to collect your course materials. You can only get the Course material with you MATRICULATION NO.
  • If you want to download your Course Materials, click here to Download.

Admission Procedures

Once you have been confirmed and pass the admission test for the CEMBA/CEMPA programmes, ALL candidates are required to complete the admission form.  To complete the Cemba/Cempa programme, you are required to have copies of the following;
  • Your certificates,
  • Passport photographs,
Please take note that the requisite programme fee to be paid as directed in favour of the National Open University of  Nigeria.

Academic Calendar

Availability of Forms 
Submission of Form for Admission Test
Declaration and Dispatch of Admission Test Permit
Admission Test 
Submission and Publication of Admission Results 
Dispatch of Admission Letter 
Online registration and release of Study/Course Materials 
Programme Commencement Date
Counseling for all Students by Facilitators 
4 Weeks Window for the Administration of various Test 
Submission of Examination Form 
First set Examination 
Declaration/Release of Results

CEMBA/CEMPA Programme Fee

All interested applicants should take note, that the programme fee for an entire CEMBA/CEMPA Programmes is N600,000.00 (Six Hundred Thousand Naira only). Please note that the fee is payable in two (2) possible forms as listed below:
1. You can decide to complete the payment of the fee upon a successful registration, and the registration fee is N600,00.00 (Six Hundred Thousand Naira only)
2. The second option is to commence payment of N150,000.00 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Niara only) upon registration at the commencement of each module of courses.
For candidates who are not aware, the NOUN CEMBA/CEMPA Programmes are delivered in four (4) modules, therefore a Student who chooses option B, will have to pay a sum of N150,000.00 (One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Naira only) for each of the four (4) modules, which sums up to N600,000.00 (Six Hundred Thousand Naira only).
All interested applicants should take note, that the National Open University of Nigeria Management has approved the under listed fees for the of Noun CEMBA/CEMPA programme, and this will take effect, starting from the 2017/18 academic session.

Noun CEMBA/CEMPA programme Course Fee

All applying candidates should take note, that the course fee for an entire CEMBA or CEMPA Programme is:
600, 000.00 (Six hundred thousand naira only)
Just like i mentioned above, candidates are offered the option of paying the entire fee at once, or
The Course fee can be paid in four installments of N150,000.00 (One hundred and fifty thousand naira only) per set, and the general fees must be paid once upon Registration for courses at the beginning of the first semester. Successful students should note that if the installment option is chosen, the total fee of N203,500.00 (Two hundred and three thousand, five hundred naira only) will be paid for the first semester.

B. GENERAL FEES (Exclusive of Course Fees)

The recommended General Fee would be:
i)Registration Fees  –     N10, 000.00/Student
ii)Caution Deposit   –     N7, 500.00/Student
iii)Orientation          –      N1, 500.00
iv)ID Card Issue       –      N2, 500.00
v)Matriculation Fee –      N1, 500.00
vi)Library Fee           –      N3, 000.00/Session


It is expected of each CEMBA/CEMPA Student, to pay for course materials per set, and the list is as follows;
  • Course Materials – N10,000.00
  • Packaging & Delivery –  N2,500.00

NOUN CEMBA/CEMPA Programmes Courses


Programme Aims and Objectives

For all interested applicants, please be informed that the Commonwealth Executive MBA/MPA (CEMBA/CEMPA) Programmes are specifically created and aimed at complementing existing MBA/MPA programmes, which is currently being offered in the Commonwealth to meet the social and professional demands for management and public administration education at the post-graduate level.
The Objectives of the Commonwealth Executive MBA/MPA (CEMBA/CEMPA) programmes are:
  • One of the main aim of the Cemba/Cempa programs, is to enable students in the Commonwealth countries where the programmes are offered to obtain Masters degrees in the areas of Business Administration and Public Administration, which helps in contributing to their professional growth and career advancement and to their countries’ development, these programmes are geared in helping these participating countries have more educated Men and Women.
  • To develop human resources in various aspects of the areas noted above; and,
  • To provide help in the development of quality post-graduate programmes that can be implemented widely in Commonwealth countries and recognized across the Commonwealth.

Programme Structure

This programme structure of the CEMBA/CEMPA programmes, consist of four components listed below:
  • Core,
  • Specialist Compulsory,
  • Elective,
  • Required Courses.

Core Courses

The CEMBA and CEMPA programmes share the following core courses as listed below:
  • Managing Information Systems
  • Management in Organizations
  • Managing Human Resources
  • Operations Management
  • Economic Environment of Business
  • Public Systems Management
  • Quantitative Techniques
  • Marketing Management
  • Accounting and Finance

Specialist Compulsory Courses

Please, all participating candidates should take note, that each programme has two specialist compulsory courses as listed below.
For the CEMBA programme, the specialist compulsory courses include:
  • Strategic Management
  • Quality Assurance Management
For the CEMPA programme, we have:
  • Public Policy
  • Development Planning and Administration
Elective Courses
The CEMBA and CEMPA programmes share the following elective courses:
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Project Management
  • Managerial Economics
  • Policy Analysis and Implementation
  • Contemporary Administrative Systems
  • Disaster Management
  • Corporate Finance
  • International Marketing
Required Courses
There are two required courses:
  • Research Methods
  • Project

NOUN Cemba/Cempa Programme Admission List For 2017/2018

1CMAT02051AGBORuth OnwuegbuchiChioma


Each programme is specifically designed and well planned in such a way, that the programme can be completed in four semesters, but it is recognised that few students will proceed at that pace. Students are given the option to choose up to four courses in each semester. The limit of four courses has been suggested in consideration of your working status and the study load requirements for the courses.
However, it is up to the student to set their own pace for the programme, as long as they don’t exceed the limit of four courses in each semester. Although you will need to consider that the maximum duration of each programme is five years, there is no Cemba/Cempa programme that has a duration more than 5 years. If, on the basis of course selection and the pace of work decided, you are unable to complete the programme in five years, you will have to re-register for the programme.
When you go for registration, the National Open University of Nigeria will provide you, with the complete information, you need to know regarding the conditions for re-registration.  It may therefore be advisable for you to plan your course load in a manner that enables you to complete the programme within a course of five years.
Please all students should take note, that the Noun cemba/cempa programme courses comprise of 15 courses including Research Methods and Project/ Dissertation as follows:
  • 1st Set: 4 Courses
  • 2nd Set: 4 Courses
  • 3rd Set: 4 Courses
  • 4th Set: 3 Courses


The examination fee is pegged at the sum of Fifteen thousand Naira ONLY (N15,000.00)


  • Re-Sit Of Examinations/Course  – N5,000.00
  • Transcript Request  –   N5,000.00
  • Replacement of Student Biometric/Physical Access I. D Card – N2,000.00
TOTAL –   The total sum of Six hundred and sixty five thousand five hundred naira only (N665, 500.00)
Thank you.
Dr. Ernest W. Okwuonu.
Programme Coordinator, CEMBA/CEMPA

Please pay to this account number below
First Bank of Nigeria  – A/C no: 2013525288
Name of A/C:- NOUN CEMBA/CEMPA Programmes
Branch:- Abibu Adetoro

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