2018_1 NOUN E-Exams Day 14: Tuesday, August 14, 2018

14 Tue 8
PAD202 Introduction To Public Administration
ACC203 Introduction To Financial Accounting I MKT205 Entrepreneurial Marketing
ACC201 Taxation I
PAD122 Industrial And Organisational Psycology
MKT108 Introduction To Marketing
ENT102 The Nigerian Entrepreneurial Environment
BED114 Business Methods
EDU111 Introduction To Foundations Of Education
ECE120 Development Of Appropriate Skills In Children
EDU212 Sociology Of Education
PED261 Primary School Social Studies Curriculum And Methods
SED225 Nigerian Integrated Science Curriculum
PED144 Primary Mathematics Curriculum Methods
PED233 Religious And Moral Education
VTE115 Introduction To Vocational Education
EDU222 French Methods
EDU220 English Methods
ECE230 Introduction To Early Childhood Education Curriculum D

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