2018_1 NOUN E-Exams Day 9: Wednesday, August 8, 2018


CIT202 Applications Of Computer In Business
PHY291 Physics Laboratory I
CHM291 Practical Chemistry III- Inorganic
CHM292 Practical Chemistry IV - Physical And Organic
ESM104 Introduction To Environmental Science
ESM212 Tropical Climatology
BIO215 General Biochemistry Laboratory I
PHY191 Introductory Practical Physics I
TSM147 Tourism Policy And Planning
ECO253 Statistics For Economist I
MAC121 Introduction To News Writing
PCR115 Introduction To Conflict Resolution Processes I
INR212 International Law And Diplomacy In The 20Th Century
POL215 History Of Political Thought I
MAC212 Media And Society
CSS246 Legal And Social Framework Of Private Security Services In Nigeria


ESM204 Environmental Hazards And Disaster Management
BIO206 Statistics For Agriculture And Biological Sciences
CIT215 Introduction To Programming Languages 
MTH251 Mechanics
CHM101 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry
PHY206 Optics I
MAC113 History Of Nigerian Mass Media
MAC221 Editing
POL223 Foundation Of Political Economy
POL111 Elements Of Political Science
ARA283 Arabic Reading II
CRS212 Pentateuch
ENG251 Language And Society
ENG122 Structure Of Modern English II
ISL113 Qur_Anic Ethics


CIT236 Analog And Digital Electronics
MTH204 Mathematics For Nurses
MTH241 Introduction To Real Analysis
BIO208 Seedless Plants
BIO192 General Biology Practical II
MTH106 Mathematics Management Sciences II
ESM222 Water Resource Evaluation
INR262 International Migration II
ECO153 Introduction To Quantitative Method
CSS133 Introduction To Criminology I
CSS243 Principles Of Security Practice And Management
MAC111 Introduction To Mass Communication
PCR272 Concept And Practice Of Peace Building
POL126 Citizens And The State

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