2018_1 NOUN E-Exams Day 8: Tuesday, August 7, 2018


CHM191 Introductory Practical Chemistry
CIT246 Introduction To Computer Organisation
BIO205 Introductory Developmental Cell Biology
ESM291 Map Analysis
PHY204 Electromagnetism I
MAC211 Theories Of Mass Communication
POL212 Basic Statistics For Social Science
INR112 Introduction To International Law And Diplomacy In Pre-Colon
POL124 Organisation Of Government
CSS111 Introduction To Sociology
FRE271 Introduction To Francophone African Literature (Prose Poetry And Drama)
ENG224 Advanced English Composition II
ENG181 Intro. To Fiction
CRS233 Philosophy Of Religion
CRS151 Religion And Society
ARA183 Arabic Conversation
ISL271 The Rightly Guided Caliphs And The Umayyads
FRE112 Oral And Aural Comprehension
NSC206 Environmental Health


MTH101 Elementary Mathematics I
CIT208 Information Systems
CHM205 Inorganic Chemistry II
CHM192 Introductory Practical Chemistry II
BIO214 Structure And Functions Of Major Cell Components
STT205 Statistics For Management Sciences I
PCR112 Democracy And Good Governance Or
POL216 Evolution Of Nigerian Local Government
MAC214 Investigative
INR162 International Migration I
MAC134 Principles And Practice Of Public R
FRE221 French Grammar And Composition I
LIN111 Intro. To Linguistics I
ENG281 The African Novel
CRS142 Church History II
CRS216 Greek Syntax
ISL132 Advanced Study Of Salat And Zakat
FRE131 Textual Analysis I
ARA281 Arabic Literature I
PHS202 Nutrition In Health And Disease


MTH212 Linear Algebra II
BIO191 General Biology Practical I
BIO203 General Physiology I
CHM202 Analytical Chemistry I
ESM206 Community Participation In Environmental Management
CSS132 Ethnography Of Social Structure Of Nigeria
TSM143 Tourism Services
POL228 Introduction To Comparative Politics
MAC242 Foundations Of Broadcasting
INR121 Structure Of The International System
ISL222 Textual Studies Of Hadith
ISL102 Mosque In Islam
CRS113 Bible Geography
FRE222 French Grammer And Composition II
CRS222 Christian Doctrines
ENG212 Creative Writing I
NSC209 Physical And Health Assessment

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