MTH281 Mathematical Method I
BIO101 General Biology I
BIO102 General Biology II
BIO204 Biological Techniques
DAM205 Data Collection Methodology
MAC142 Introduction To RadioAnd Television
TSM142 Tourism As An Industry
ECO254 Statistics For Economist II
CSS112 sociology of Law
ENG161 Theatre Workshop
ENG221 Intro To Syntactic Models
CRS101 Introduction To The study of Islam
FRE111 Language Laboratory Work/Oral French
CRS215 Greek Grammar
ISL101 General Introduction To Islam
ARA282 Arabic Grammar I
PHS217 General Microbiology


CHM102 IntroductoryOrganic Chemistry
BIO209 Chordates
CIT213 elementary data Processing
MTH105 Mathematics Management Sciences I
PHY202 Modern Physics I
ECO247 The Nigerian Economy In Perspective
CSS212 The SociologyOf Punishment And Corrections
Mac115 African Communication Systems I
CSS136 Introduction ToCriminology II
TSM221 Ecotourism
TSM146 The Cultural Heritage
INR221 HistoryAnd Practice Of Diplomacy
INR142 Introduction To Public Administration
ISL241 Prophethood And The Prophets In Islam
ENG215 SurveyOf English Literature I(Medieval
CRS231 Christian Ethics
FRE121 French Grammar I
ENG113 Introduction To Nigerian Literature I
NSC203 Human Physiology II


PHY203 Oscilations And Waves
BIO201 Genetics I
CIT212 Systems Analysis And Design
ESM211 Global Environmental Issues
MTH211 Abstract Algebra I
ECO121 Principles Of Economics 1
CSS244 Types And Analysis Of Security Threats
MAC213 Foundation Of Communication Research
ISL121 Studies On The Hadith
INR222 Europe From French Revolution To The World Wars
ISL272 The Abbasid Caliphate
ENG121 The Structure Of Modern English I
FRE122 French Grammar II
CRS141 Church History I
CRS271 Christianity In Nigeria
NSC204 Epidemiology

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