2018_1 NOUN E-Exams Day 4: Thursday, August 2st, 2018


HCM243 Tourists Sites: Products And Operations I
HCM131 Introduction To Hospitality Management
ARD251 Introduction To Agricultural Economics
ANP202 Principles Of Animal Production
NSC202 Human Anatomy Iii
NSS213 Human Physiology For Nurses I
NSC102 Human Anatomy I
ISL142 Islam And Inter-Religious Dialogue
ARA284 Translation: Arabic / English
ENG114 Introduction To Nigerian Literature II
ENG211 History Of The English Language
CRS131 Introduction To Philosophy
CRS214 Pauline Epistles
FRE152 Introduction To French Culture
FRE231 Introduction To French Phonology


GST102 Use of English and Communication Skills II


GST203 Introduction to Philosophy and Logic

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