2018_1 NOUN E-Exams Day 3: Wednesday, August 1st, 2018


HCM232 Menu Development And Planning
AGR202 Introductory Agricultural Engineering
HCM136 Introduction To Food And Beverage Services II
NSC210 Introduction To Sociology II
NSS217 Introduction To Sociology
PHS204 Introduction To Sociology
ENG226 English Morphology
LIN112 Intro To Linguistics II
ARA182 Arabic Reading
CRS192 Intro. To African Traditional Religion
FRE141 Introduction to Composition Writing in French
FRE212 Advanced Oral French
ISL212 Introduction To Tajwid
CRS211 Introduction To The Bible


GST105 History And Philosophy Of Science
CRS261 Christian Counseling
HCM235 Beverage And Cost
HCM147 Tourism Policy And Planning
ARD203 Introduction To Home Economics


GST202 Fundamentals of Peace Studies and Conflict Resolution
SLM201 Principles of Soil Science

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